So, why isn't Obama dismantling the whole NSA surveillance thing before Trump takes over?

@sreimer97 And this way there won't be the usual racist backlash whenever Obama does fuckin anything in the public eye

@sreimer97 if he is, he probably can't let us know. Most of that stuff *is* classified, yeah?

@LogicalDash I suppose. But if he's only doing executive order stuff, it could be undone/redone by new executive orders. Making a public stink about stuff that's already been exposed by Snowden seems like it'd make it more difficult for Trump to just reinact... but I dunno!

@sreimer97 if it were me, I'd set all kinds of weird procedural traps in the secret FISA courts, and let Trump wander into them

Bound to turn up all kinds of dirt on the guy that way, not that there's a lack of it to begin with

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