In between exams, I feel like Hamilton in Hurricance: "In the eye of the hurricane there is quiet, for just a moment..." followed by, "I'll write my way out!"

@sophia cool. Any recommendations for must-take / favourite ENG courses?

@sophia oh cool, hello! what program? "graduate" -- that feels so distant in the middle of second years exams, haha, but nice to see such a thing is possible lol

@LogicalDash I suppose. But if he's only doing executive order stuff, it could be undone/redone by new executive orders. Making a public stink about stuff that's already been exposed by Snowden seems like it'd make it more difficult for Trump to just reinact... but I dunno!

So, why isn't Obama dismantling the whole NSA surveillance thing before Trump takes over?

@DavidIAm Digital Ocean is awesome. Cheap, fast, powerful, easy to use. Volumes for extra storage in some data centres too. My favourite.

@hoodie seriously, I don't think it will ever stop scaring me...

Finally giving into social media. This seems way better than Twitter.


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