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Sriram Ramkrishna 😼

Not much excitement around here, but hey, new GNOME 3.28 release is out, and Builder has a metric crap ton of improvement.

OK, once again trying to make sure that I stay on mastodon. :P

Getting flamed on /r/linux. Love it. If I can drive them crazy thats great. But if I can convert them that is even better.

Man, the people on /r/linux are very deranged people. The things that get people riled up about. Absolutely nothing substantial gets talked about. It's all fire and no heat.

It's SuperBowl Sunday here in the U.S. - Are youw watching it on your #GNOME desktop?  Send us a screenshot and share with the rest of us!  #GNOMELove
Did you miss #FOSDEM and missed out on the t-shirts and swag?  You can order #GNOME merchandise from! #GNOMELove

No adverts on their site; you might ponder how this is possible!

Donations, of course. Enjoy even more in-depth quality articles, news, interviews & behind the scenes information by participating on their LIBERAPAY.

Gaming is one of the main gateways to attract more users towards Linux. "GOL" is the boss instance endorsing this.

Please consider becoming a patron of Gaming On Linux Liberapay.


GNOME Beers begins right now, check it out! located at La Bécasse - Come over for beverages and conversations!  See you there! #FOSDEM #FOSDEM2018

GNOME Beers begins right now, check it out! located at La Bécasse - Come over for beverages and conversations!

GNOME Beers will be starting soon, are you ready?

GTK+ hackfest is over, @mclasen posted summaries at and - highlights is GTK+ moving to @gitlab and planned initial GTK+4 release in fall, but will re-evaluate at GUADEC.

(I would have used the GNOME account, but don't have access to it at the moment)

The GTK+ hackfest is currently going on right now in Brussels!

sheehs, I keep forgetting to get back on here.. way too many social media networks

I tend to be political on twitter, free software/open source on G+/mastodon, and I avoid facebook.

Join this week's Free Software Directory IRC meetup: Friday, January 19, starting at 12 pm EST/16:00 UTC.

@rbonifaz Raphael, weren't we going to do some project together based on what we talked about last June? :)

So I'm thinking of doing a podcast. I dont really want to do the kind of podcasts that are currently out there. I want to do something that i less about technology but more about people. Think Fresh Air but with open source/free software guests. Less about technology but more about the people and what drives them. I had actually had two versions in mind, one that's actually talking while cooking and the other format as simply a conversation in an intimate setting.

Finally someone who gets it -

I reached out to him to talk about the conference I and others are working on as part of a long range vision of creating an application eco-system and moving from a distro-centric model to a hybrid distro/developer centric model.

Working on getting a System76 presence here on mastodon. Got me a meerkat machine to run it!

There is a special place in hell reserved for autoplay videos pop-ins which cover most of the text you're trying to read as you scroll down the page