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Sriram Ramkrishna ๐Ÿ˜ผ

System76 doesn't have Mastodan presence yet, so I'll try to put some of the blog posts I've written on here (hey, I can promote the stuff I do, right?!) Check out the latest blog on our new Pop!_OS testing ISOs -

Our backend installer is written in Rust, and the frontend is written in Vala in partnership with @elementary

Hello , sorry I couldn't make it this year! All of you are critical to the success of Free Software! I wish you well!

if you're at #libreplanet and interested in #FreeSoftware preservation and digital commons, you might want to attend my @swheritage talk โ€” it's in ~30 min!

#LibrePlanet: Jeremiah Foster is talking about how #freesoftware is necessary for our newly networked, software-controlled cars. source:

I'll be at the @conservancy booth at #LibrePlanet this afternoon after lunch! Come say hi ๐Ÿ˜„

Cheers for 6 more tech companies joining the original 4 who adopted part of our #PrinciplesOfGPLEnforcement bringing the GPLv3 cure approach to v2 works!

Carlos Soriano explains how it is now possible to test development versions of Nautilus as Flatpaks, which are parallel-installable with your system's Nautilus:

This is in part thanks to @alatiera's work on Gitlab CI. It is tremendously important work; it used to be that asking people to test GNOME meant they had to use jhbuild... which just, nope.

I'm embroiled in a multi-company conversation trying to get my moto z recognized as being under warranty. Buying a phone on amazon prime now apparently is quite difficult to do proof of purchase warranty repair. :(

Sometimes it surprises me what thought processes people come up with. :P

Not much excitement around here, but hey, new GNOME 3.28 release is out, and Builder has a metric crap ton of improvement.

OK, once again trying to make sure that I stay on mastodon. :P

Getting flamed on /r/linux. Love it. If I can drive them crazy thats great. But if I can convert them that is even better.

Man, the people on /r/linux are very deranged people. The things that get people riled up about. Absolutely nothing substantial gets talked about. It's all fire and no heat.

It's SuperBowl Sunday here in the U.S. - Are youw watching it on your #GNOME desktop?ย  Send us a screenshot and share with the rest of us!ย  #GNOMELove
Did you miss #FOSDEM and missed out on the t-shirts and swag?ย  You can order #GNOME merchandise from! #GNOMELove

No adverts on their site; you might ponder how this is possible!

Donations, of course. Enjoy even more in-depth quality articles, news, interviews & behind the scenes information by participating on their LIBERAPAY.

Gaming is one of the main gateways to attract more users towards Linux. "GOL" is the boss instance endorsing this.

Please consider becoming a patron of Gaming On Linux Liberapay.


GNOME Beers begins right now, check it out! located at La Bรฉcasse - Come over for beverages and conversations!ย  See you there! #FOSDEM #FOSDEM2018

GNOME Beers begins right now, check it out! located at La Bรฉcasse - Come over for beverages and conversations!

GNOME Beers will be starting soon, are you ready?

GTK+ hackfest is over, @mclasen posted summaries at and - highlights is GTK+ moving to @gitlab and planned initial GTK+4 release in fall, but will re-evaluate at GUADEC.

(I would have used the GNOME account, but don't have access to it at the moment)