I really feel out of whack when I am on windows. I'm used to all the finger gestures on my laptop and Windows doesn't have it.

If you want, you can move your Mastodon account from one instance (server) to another.

Moving lets you take your followers, follows and some settings with you.

1. Create a new account on the instance you want to move to, but DO NOT delete the old account.

2. Log into your NEW account, go to Edit Profile > Moving From A Different Account, click on "create an account alias" and follow the instructions.

3. Log into your OLD account, go to Edit Profile > Move To A Different Account, click on "configure it here" and follow the instructions.

4. On your OLD account, go to Preferences > Import And Export > Data Export and download the settings and follows lists.

5. On your NEW account, go to Preferences > Import And Export > Import and upload the lists you just downloaded in the previous step.

After doing all these, your old account will redirect to the new one, and your followers will transfer automatically (with a short delay).

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #Fediverse

@FlatpakApps Those will be fun talks - sustainabile open source for the win! The true way of building a platform is to make sure that people can make a living off of it.

There are two Flathub talks to look forward to on Friday at LAS: "Flathub: now and next" by Jorge Castro and Rob McQueen, and "Status of Flathub payments/donations support" by Daniel Silverstone

Linux App Summit can be attended either remotely or in Italy; check out linuxappsummit.org/

I suppose I should do an - I'm a Free Software community person, as well as open source - I am part of the @gnome project for 20+years and been doing corporate open source for about 10 years now :-) I like chatting about open hardware, the app ecosystem on the linux platform, and generally left leaning politics. Cheers!

So the company I was employed at was bought out by another company and then the division I was on - was let go. Usual story. We were working on open hardware/firmware, open specs. Guess what? We published all that, and people who bought that hardware can continue to support themselves or hire contractors. That is the power of openness

I'm impressed with some of the following count on some of these accounts - neat!

Mastodon's monthly active user numbers have risen by 84,579 since the Twitter buyout story broke on Monday (and I do mean across the Mastodon network, not this server)

I suppose I should write something - I think I'll avoid talking about politics here and instead chat about Free Software/open hardware etc. :)

I am continuing to work on scaling up mastodon.social and mastodon.online to handle the traffic and I've got @Nigma to help answer inqueries over on Twitter

As one of the main Mastodon developers, I can't promise you that Mastodon will be a complete and exact Twitter replacement for you, but it may fit your use-cases, at least it does for me.

Just keep in mind that it is not exactly the same thing, some core design decisions are different (there isn't an unique centrally-governed website, but many interconnected servers operated by different individuals and organizations) and thus the tradeoffs can be different as well.

While I personally don't think Mastodon should aim at being an exact replacement to Twitter, I do hope Mastodon can be useful to more people wanting an alternative to Twitter! And I know there are lots of room for improvement, on things we do know, and on things we don't.

Also keep in mind that Mastodon is developed by only two core developers payed through a non-profit funded through sponsorship, grants and donations, so please be patient!

Thank you for participating in our GNOME takeover today and we hope you'll join us at the Community Engagement Challenge Phase Three Project Showcase: events.gnome.org/event/75/


The ray of hope at the end of this week is that I believe the free and #OpenSource software movements are more unified than ever before that intolerance, abuse, and disrepect from our leaders will no longer be allowed. That's a great thing and a good first step toward visions like #DigitalAutonomy. techautonomy.org/

#FreeSoftware #FLOSS #FOSS

howdy folks - Hope you all are having a good friday :)

Y'all @gnome 3.34 has been released!! Congrats to everyone involved. :) Please make sure to heap your praise on the other teams like documentation and translation - because they are critical parts of our project.

The fed response to this COVID 19 thing is such bullshit.

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to let people know that I am now gainfully employed as of this past week. I now work for ITRenew as a Principal Ecosystems Engineer - primarliy working in Open Compute Project and Kubernetes technical communites. But I still get to work on Free Software - so I will be still be involved in the GNOME and App comunities.

Fedora Silverblue has proven to me that it’s possible to use Linux using 99% of my apps as flatpak apps.

Alright, just posted a write-up about the paradox of tolerance. This one will be visible on planet.gnome.org, so there will definitely be some discussion about it.


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