Hey y'all, I was recently let go from Purism and I'm looking for work. If you're looking for marketing, FOSS leadership, community building let me know. I have a host of secondary skill sets as well. Would love the opportunity to make your organization successful.

@sri with all the discussion of purism recently on here, you probably have some interesting stories you could tell, assuming it doesn't break an NDA...

@gaurdianaq I'll have to check my contract, but I dont think Im under any NDA. Most of what Purism is doing is already in the public or announced.
In any case, I suppose there are interesting stories, but I rather just look forward and have Purism firmly in my rear view mirror.

@sri Hmmm, I would get tempted to consider applying those skills to the standards space if my contracting business wasn't so very young. As is I'm in no position to hire, unfortunately.

Anyways good luck with your job search!

@alcinnz I appreciate the consideration :-) If something comes up, let me know!

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