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Sriram Ramkrishna 😼

Getting flamed on /r/linux. Love it. If I can drive them crazy thats great. But if I can convert them that is even better.

@n8 non-developer though seems to single out people IMHO. In a technical project, non-developer migh seem like a lower position. My two cents.

@n8 those all seem like technical pursuits to me. I wish 'technical' didn't necessarily mean technology. I've always technical referred to the details of a subject, the intellectual minutae involved in a subject.

@cassidyjames hats off to you for being polite.. I need strong liquor to deal with that thread. :)

Man, the people on /r/linux are very deranged people. The things that get people riled up about. Absolutely nothing substantial gets talked about. It's all fire and no heat.

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GNOME Beers begins right now, check it out! located at La Bécasse - Come over for beverages and conversations!

GNOME Beers will be starting soon, are you ready?

@grindhold Make sure you say hi to Linux desktop people! :D

GTK+ hackfest is over, @mclasen posted summaries at and - highlights is GTK+ moving to @gitlab and planned initial GTK+4 release in fall, but will re-evaluate at GUADEC.

(I would have used the GNOME account, but don't have access to it at the moment)

@mairin He's just throwing out red meat which will then be amplified by Fox News and other media sources, and then Russian bots will propagate them into Facebook which will get shared and reshared.

@mairin Does anything make sense in what is going on today ? For a group of people who already propagandized it won't matter if it makes sense or not.

@mairin it isn't for us, it's a foil to mess with the FBI.. a reason to show that the FBI is against Trump or some other nonsense.

@ChrisWere Sure, maybe in large shops, but in smaller ones there are plenty of other technologies to use instead of skype. Fundamentally those shops are windows based infrastructure and linux is a second class citizen.