It really annoys me when people make leaps of logic because they have a prejudice and use it to attack a project.

@aral @mathieu @bob @neoncipher @brainblasted @laura you got go for a regular donation subscription and get your friends to do it. Just like in politics if there are a lot of donors the project gets money. But just like the advisory members, you don't get a say in the technical direction of the project just to be clear.

@bob @aral @neoncipher @mathieu @brainblasted as a former board member I can assure you that the money entities pay is for the privilege of being able help guide the foundation (not the project). There is nothing insidious about it as you claim.

@neoncipher @aral @conservancy @bob Oh, you have some insider information that lets you claim that? Please share with the rest of the class.

@n8 Have you considered dropping all of hat and just go with fractal? It's going to get even more cool features that will blow polari out of the water. You can still do our irc stuff over a bridge just like in riot.

A donation for @conservancy = support for :inkscape: and other community-driven free software projects. If you can help out, #PIA will match donations made before end of 2018. Help keep cool projects and #FLOSS software alive & kicking!

@ted Oh yeah.. Terre Haute is definitely different than West Lafayette. :D

@scottnesbitt Heh. OK. Hey GNOME is exciting to me, but I might be a tad bit biased. :D

@ted I grew up in Indiana, i's where my parents are. Also, it's in a small very liberal town of West Lafayette. I have no complaints living here. :D

@ted I'm in limbo at the moment, hanging out in Indiana, until I kick out the rental folks in Oregon.

@n8 we can't get away from imperialists. I for one believe that Star Trek had it right with the Prime Directive.

@ted Moved out, going back to Portland :) But that won't be for awhile yet.

@ted hehe.. :) BTW I don't work for S76 anymore we parted way, I work for Purism these days :)

@ebassi @gnome I can share on the GNOME twitter account as well. Should be fun!

Since I like history, I care about the @gnome project, and I love making people cringe with my voice, I started a podcast about the History of GNOME:

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