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Sriram Ramkrishna ๐Ÿ˜ผ

@NattyGov I have it on cloud too.. but I really wish I could move instances.. that would make it so much easier.

@mairin I've recently had problems with Lenovo.. I bought an X1 Yoga, and currently having battery issues. I've seen patterns with battery issues with Lenovo. I"m trying to fix my X1 right now. :( > $2k and I've had one warranty repair and battery problems less than 2 years. :(

@ted Yeah, I'm at a loss on how to reach out to them. I think I'll just get a machine going and come up with something and lend them a hand!๐Ÿ˜‚

System76 doesn't have Mastodan presence yet, so I'll try to put some of the blog posts I've written on here (hey, I can promote the stuff I do, right?!) Check out the latest blog on our new Pop!_OS testing ISOs -

Our backend installer is written in Rust, and the frontend is written in Vala in partnership with @elementary

@bushwald @linux and if it is in the open, they can get their butt's burned.. I agree that private companies have no obgliation to do anything for govt propaganda.

@pskosinski Fractal is the best thus far and continues to get better.

@linux I would be against it. For one thing, we can no longer ask questions of ICE. I would have been interested in hearing them speak especially since they are controversial.

@downey we would probably fallback to either IRC or some other text based meeting if that situation arises. It's more likely that we would do that based on idealogical preferences (Free vs Non-Free) We haven't had to do that as of yet

@downey Yeah, that hasn't been my experience. We were doing meetings in irc prior and nobody paid attention because they were busy multi-tasking. Switching to real time communication helped quite a bit. We of course have irc still to discuss things throughout the week, but otherwise all of them were working meetings that quickly got rid of pending items.

@ryanlittlefield I feel it's some kind of thought control device :)

Hello , sorry I couldn't make it this year! All of you are critical to the success of Free Software! I wish you well!

if you're at #libreplanet and interested in #FreeSoftware preservation and digital commons, you might want to attend my @swheritage talk โ€” it's in ~30 min!

@catonano @metalbob what is this wee server? Does it run on irish whiskey? :D

#LibrePlanet: Jeremiah Foster is talking about how #freesoftware is necessary for our newly networked, software-controlled cars. source:

I'll be at the @conservancy booth at #LibrePlanet this afternoon after lunch! Come say hi ๐Ÿ˜„