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What are your new year's resolutions? Perhaps contributing to one of your favorite free software projects? ;)

Here's one way to start contributing to GNOME in 2018: - hey @gnome peeps, true? :-) I do add that I smack some people around too right? :-) Not completely the same kind of community management! :D

I totally just found out that today is National Science Fiction Day! My favorite "classic" SF book is Red Rising.. what other books are out there?

Happy New Year, y'all.. now let's see what kind of trouble can I cook up this year. :-) I've locked and loaded my conference participation and what not. Any suggestions on possible conferences that target developers that isn't necessarily open source?

Speaking as a programmer, a future of increasingly complex laws and legal systems isn't that odorous. Software might be incomprehensibly more complex than in the age of assembly, but I wouldn't ask anyone to write a web app in assembly.

However, the law lacks the architecture/compilers/DSLs/etc. necessary to manage its own complexity. There's far too weak of a separation of concerns, especially. "Ignorance of the law is no excuse" is the legal equivalent of expecting web devs to write assembly.

I'm hoping to start tooting more here in the new year. Cheers!

#seagl Seattle GNU/Linux conference is TODAY! Friday night #freesoftware folks will be back at McMenny's, w/@mmillions & @drobertsoniiii

I have a new job - I am the community manager for System76 :)

Ugh, I just spent two hours sending out fundraising email for my conference

Rushed home when I realized what happened, but nothing got burned down, and the pot was non-stick, and basically tossed out the hard rice, it wasn't even burned!

The reason I mentioned it is that I'm cooking rice, and fucking forgot about it again. :(

I really hate cooking rice. It is a active/busy wait process and during the busy wait, I forget that it is on and go off and do something else. Like go off for a luncheon with a friend and don't come back for 4 hours. ๐Ÿ˜‘

I gained some weight on this trip and now I need to make up for it and start hitting the gym and also eat less. But this heat wave is going to make it a challenge!

I had an amazing time at GUADEC with my @gnome family. Community based conferences like GUADEC is so different than the more business friendly ones. Incredible passion and amazing conversations. Also, we had a lot of dancing so, also some awesome dance movies! :-)

and another bug down in #libgtkflow

when nodes grow in sides near to the allocated drawing space of the nodeview they tended to be rendered cut off. this should not happen anymore with the submitted fix.

sometimes it's the small things.
#programming #gtk #ui

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