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I'm a poet and I also write books for children.

Former and intermittent film buff, former book reviewer, former everything.

I read, watch TV shows and lurk on AO3.

Will toot about my garden and anything that's likely to distract me.

I have an alt here which will be more specifically , , and related stuff, if y'all feel like seeing that kind of stuff.

Apparently I'm dipping my toes back in here?

Hello world!

Remember when it was New Year day and you'd lift the landline only to hear the exchange wishing you a happy new year?

Am hearing of internet being shut down tomorrow, over various districts in Uttar Pradesh . Clearly preparing for a tense Friday. Please stay safe everyone & protect those who are weak & in danger.

Texted a friend after months asking how she's doing.

She says, it's the best of times, the worst of times.

I reply, surely some revolution is at hand, just as she says, things fall apart, the centre cannot hold.

And that's how we'll leave it until the next year.

Usha Ramanathan writing in the Statesman in August 2013 - about NPR and UID.

Refers to an answer to a question in parliament that clarifies that Aadhaar would be the deduplication method for NPR.

Listen: it is not the protests that have turned violent, it's the police.

@h_tejas I don't see enough ppl talking about how NRC affects the Rights of Adivasis. If they are declared refugees for their lack of documentation, this gives the govt the power to contend that they aren't the original inhabitants and moved only a while ago. Their rights under FRA and 6th schedule go for a toss. Their rightful land will go to cronies of Shah and Modi. This government is anti Dalit and anti Adivasis. Fuck them!

What can employees of the government do during protests? And employees of private enterprises compelled by the government (like Airtel, etc)?

Learn from these factory workers in 70s Scotland:

In Hyderabad, students from the HCU who were going to the at the Exhibition Grounds, have been detained aren't being told where they're being taken.

In Bangalore, where has been imposed, they've detained people who are protesting singly or in pairs (technically this should be allowed, even under ).

They don't want any kind of protest. If you're thinking of stickers and buttons, be sure they'll come for that next.

If you're joining or organising a protest assembly or march, read this excellent primer on protecting yourself and your comrades.

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Some of us are worrying about which crisis to prioritise: the resurgence of the far-right/ fascism, India's failing economy, women's safety, climate change upending our lives in the 2020 decade, et al. This is a good time to remember George Carlin:

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