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A grand welcome to @sitamsini! Follow them for pop culture, politics, law, nonsense, and top-notch Telugu content.

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#Introductions #India

After almost 3 years in Chennai, I came back home to Hyderabad. Trying to make buses better in my city.

But my state government is trying hard to undermine the ongoing strike to safeguard the future of #TSRTC. So, from this moment till it ends you'll probably see mee tooting exclusively about #TSRTCstrike #SaveTSRTC #JaiTelangana

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By the way, if you find the UI translations in Hindi/Tamil/others lacking, you can help add/fix them on this page:

Please go to ‘About your mastodon instance’ (in left panel on desktop site, down right panel on app) and read the Code of Conduct. This is what your server host has as ‘set of rules’ for the instance you are on. Because it is a group of many tiny instances, the control mostly lies in the hands of the server owner, so it’s important for you to know the rules. For, host is @Gargron

This article from a year ago has Eugen’s interview on what Mastodon is and why it is different from others. Very useful.

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I hope somebody from India starts an India-specific instance. Going forward, I would also like a Marathi instance, an anti-caste instance and so on.


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