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An Indian newspaper switched to a workflow -
They now use a derivative, , , , etc. You can see an electronic copy of the paper here -

This is really cool to see & to know that it works for them!

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New in this version

* Search! The top-right button now opens a menu with a few options, one of them being search. It currently works just the same as search in the web interface.
* Username autocomplete. When you type an @ on the posting screen, the app will now auto-suggest users for you to address.
* Deleting toots now works.
* Links to toots and users pasted in toots are now opened in Toot instead of opening in the web interface.

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Finally, a new version!

This one has lots of stuff in it. I'm not going to be adding any more features now before the 1.0 release, and just focus on bugfixing and some minor polish for a little while.

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A new version to Toot! is out! New in this version:

* Federated timeline now available (click the title).
* You can set up which notifications are shown on the notification tab (click the title again!).
* Twitter keyboard when posting new toots.

As usual, use to sign up for the beta test!

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Come control robots in our studio live.

Watch from the other end live on the New Screensavers.

Last few years have been occupied with openSUSE, Solus and Arch. Not specifically in the order.

Trying Ubuntu after 3 years. 18.04 Budgie not bad all.

Are these two things missing in the @tootapp beta ?

1. Username propose when typing @
2. Search

Or have I missed something ?

Am I missing something or is there search functionality on @tootapp beta already ?

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In the early 00s open source software kinda had a function first look and feel. Like it was a trade off, freedom or nice UI.

Flash forward and it really feels like open source software looks the cleanest and respects freedoms. Its no longer a trade off.

Why does most of the mastodon iOS apps take me to the recent toot when I refresh the timeline instead of loading them for me to read in chronological order ? Am I doin something wrong ?

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#Tusky (für #Android) ist ein sehr schöner und übersichtlicher #Mastodon-Client.
Es gibt da auch noch eine ganze Menge mehr aber habe diesen auf den ersten Blick ausgewählt zum Testen und ich glaube, ich bleibe direkt dabei. 🙃
(Dieser Client hat auch das schönste App-Icon :amazing:)

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Mastodon: The most advanced cat sharing protocol on the internet

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I’d like to think if you went back and told Alan Turing, the inventor of the computer, about Mastodon he would say “how did you get in my house”

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Junior dev: "I found the bug"

Senior dev: "I found a bug"

After I updated my OnePlus3T last night, the battery drain overnight was 35%. Quite alarming.

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