Instead of taking a screenshot and then cropping it to a specific region, you can use Ctrl+Shift+4 in Mac to selective screenshot a specific area of the window

I recently read "Atomic Habits" by James Clear . Highly recommend if you're a person who wants to improve your life through habits.

This is the summary of things I learned from the book.

I wrote a node utility scripts that moves your liked tweet to pinboard.

Currently, I'm looking to move mastodon's favourites as well. Interested? cc @tecoholic @tshrinivasan

ஒருவர் ஏன் புத்தகக் கண்காட்சிக்கு வரவேண்டும்? - Writer Jeyamohan

“The great engineers I know are as good as they are because they practice all the time. People in great physical shape only get that way by working out regularly, and they need to keep it up, or they get out of shape. The same goes for programming.”

Blogging tip: Never place an image within a hyperlink. Accidentally tapping on the image, leads to navigating away from the page in mobile

@tshrinivasan thanks Shrini. Wish you and your family a happy and healthy new year. My special wishes to Paari :)

@tecoholic GraphQL will truly be beneficial if you want to build a complex SPA with > 100 APIs to interact with. Also, if you want granular control on the attributes you want to query from the server.

For simple CRUD app, I recommend sticking with REST because it is simple to build and maintain.

@kevin I too had a similar need. Didn’t find anything useable. So, built a static page on my blog to just serve the list.

I've added email subscription to my blog ;)

If you haven't subscribed until now, do it now!

" have some code which measures how long your users wait for a page to load. You have collected 6 data points, in milliseconds: 62, 920, 37, 20, 850, and 45. If you average these load times, you get 322. But 322ms is not representative of your users’ experience. From this data, it’s clear some of your users are having a very fast experience (less than 70ms), and some are having a very slow experience (greater than 850ms). Using an average can mislead you."

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