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Can I get enough capitalism to keep me motivated, and enough socialism so everyone has a basic safety net in case of disaster? Please? I'll pay taxes for it!

The priorities of different agents are clear by just checking the warnings of fdroid compared with play store. The fdroid app is very serious about privacy. Respect, to the concept and implementation of the fdroid store.

I consume lot of content on my phone. Been searching for a phone with an e ink screen. Zeroed in on the yotaphone 3. But full screen mirroring happens only when the "engineer" mode is dialled. yotaphone 2 had seamless mirroring but a 4.2" screen.

Sony will compensate owners in the US for removing the other OS option from the fat ps3. What about users in other countries. I bought it because of that option. Later realized it was totally crippled. But loved the way it doubled as a computer as well as a console. This is total backstabbing.

oh, I forgot the sailfish phone

my phones so far moto ming, xperia x10 mini pro, xperia mini pro,xperia z,oppo find 7 qhd,mi 5. I still have all the phones. I seriously miss the physical keyboard on the mini pro.

If you are on arch gnu/Linux. it is better to wait for a couple of days before upgrading to the latest and the best kernel.

900 MB of driver updates for the Intel and Nvidia cards on the win laptop. such a wastage of bandwidth

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To hell with this logo crap (for now)... drawing is too hard, and I can't find a "Do this thing for me" GIMP plugin ...

Might have to hit the codecaine hard today -.-

got the touchpad (HP) working by creating an xorg.conf with driver as synaptics and specifying the correct device path with this magical inclusion, option autoserverlayout true. couldn't get the vertical scroll to work though. But circular scroll works like a charm. That will do for a usable configuration. Thanks all.

latest snapshot. the synaptics driver doesn't get loaded. the X log file tells that it has read the xorg.conf file but loads the ws driver at the end. any directions. Thanks in advance.

. The console to which the os boots does not cover my entire screen. my laptop is having a 4k screen and is 17". is there any way to make the installer and the os to occupy the entire screen. Thanks in advance

The "ws" driver for touchpad on my hp laptop is not working. the touchpad it's exactly working like a two button mouse. no scrolling, random right click works at purely random position on the touchpad. Any help in configuring the touchpad is very much appreciated. I am using i3. the latest snapshot. thanks in advance