"In short, federation distributes governance and cost, and can allow us to tackle challenges that we couldn’t overcome without it. The free software community needs to rally behind federation, because no one else will. For all of the reasons which make it worth doing, it is not rewarding for corporations. They would much rather build walled gardens and centralize, centralize, centralize — it’s more profitable!"


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Mad respect for Hans Buhr, who built a working model Antonov An-225 *and* a glide-functioning model Buran Soviet space shuttle, then strapped them together and launched one from the other

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Promoting Solutions that Improve Wellbeing, Freedom and Society - humanetech-community/awesome-humane-tech


Today 4 years ago 12 people founded Nextcloud to create a complete Free and Open Source alternative to centralize proprietary cloud services and open core competitors. Together we achieved a lot more then what I dreamed of. Thanks to everyone who is contributing.

A glimpse of the past week and the few things that captivated my attention:
Weather's been pretty erratic this week. We also had a mild dusting yesterday out of the blue! Might consider heading out for a hike later today.
I nudged Meena to ... | srikanthperinkulam.com/b/2EU

Forcing contract tracing apps upon the public may be the first wave of an all out war on privacy.

Consider avoiding all technology that real-time tracks & shares your location.

Saying ‘no’ is a superpower that we all share.

nypost.com/2020/05/04/coronavi (uses analytics)

If you want to fight back - Choose to be vocal about saying no. Discuss with friends & family in all social channels. Immediately contact your politician. Avoid supportive purchases.

Did you know that you can long press every links with #Fedilab to get a contextual menu? That will help you to know the full URL, to check if it redirects and much more.

If you don't use Fedilab, just install #UntrackMe on #FDroid to remove tracking parameters. The app will also redirect YouTube, Twitter and Instagram links to their most respectful front-ends #Invidious, #Nitter and #Bibliogram.


I've had my eyes on notes since last year. Having setup a robust docker framework earlier this year, I decided to test Trilium out. Gave it a test run this morning and am way impressed with its' functionalities! With docker, ... | srikanthperinkulam.com/b/2Dx

TIL of @Flashbulb, a media focused Android app for Mastodon + Pixelfed!


A glimpse of the past week and the few articles, podcasts, tools, videos and music that captivated my attention:

This week I got a better handle at deploying and maintaining docker images. With that squared out, I decided to ... | srikanthperinkulam.com/b/24r

If you're preparing to run an online event, consider using open source tools to run it! Read our guide to running online events now #opensource #decentralization #onlineevents matrix.org/docs/guides/running

Jit.si is a terrific secure video-conferencing to and obviously comes with all the open-source awesomeness. Call clarity is amazing and with a room capacity of 75 users, it's an absolute no-brainer to switch over. ...| srikanthperinkulam.com/b/2An

If you're traveling to a different country that's not covered by your mobile data plan, check out the fantastic "Prepaid Data SIM Wiki". It covers pay-as-you-go options for a wide range of countries and gets constantly updated:


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