Lifting the veil: Just about a decade ago, we leased a property on a pristine and desolate beach. The house didn’t have robust walls – It just had a few curtains to protect us from the elements. The rooms internally had walls full of transparent glass...

I’ve been sitting on the ledge for a while now and Whatsapp’s latest ultimatum is just what I needed to see myself out the doors.I value my freedom and privacy way more than the perceived convenience and I’ve deleted my Whatsapp account for good.

This is fascinating! A few devices apparently had a mild(?) path offset issue few days ago:

After a muted attempt last year, we were able to ring in 2021 with an early morning Surfing class at Covelong. The girls loved it and I couldn’t have asked for a better start. Exhilarating, to say the least. And oh, salt water does BURN your eyes!

Over the last few days, I’ve been meandering through Bert‘s webpage and a few other sites – Such a treasure trove of information on the C-19 vaccine and biology/technology in general.

I'm a huge fan of and this has been one of the best videos' I've seen of late. A deep dive into the making of the game:

I chanced on Calibre-Web last week and finally got around better organizing my book collection. I really like the way it’s turned out and if anything, this has been a silent nudge to read more and read frequently! The beauty of this is that, I can now share my collection with friends and family just like yesteryear’s – when you would just borrow a book from a friend, read it and return it.

A bit old, but great and detailed video on linux backups using the GUI frontend Grsync for rsync.

#rsync #linux #backup #grsync

YSK: #Amazon will be enabling a feature called #Sidewalk that will share your WiFi and bandwidth with anyone with an Amazon device automatically.

Yeah right MS! Back to installing windows after a while. Insane how many data and privacy options you need to unselected to have a reasonably closed system...

This is amazing news! Nextcloud now has a Google migration tool!!

As of Nextcloud 20 there is now the "Google Integrations" addon

"Google integration allows you to automatically import your Google calendars, contacts, photos and files into Nextcloud."

#migration #nextcloud #googleintegration #datamigration

Had one of my hard drives cave in today. Not quite sure what the cause was. Will probably write it off as one of those built to fail...That aside, I think it might have to do with me hard interrupting a veracrypt test container setup. 321 Backup was the savior!

This is amazing - a #search engine for personal websites that also implements #IndieAuth.

Just added myself on here. 😀

The mobile app will be published on F-Droid soon! It works great on both iOS and Android 🎉

"In short, federation distributes governance and cost, and can allow us to tackle challenges that we couldn’t overcome without it. The free software community needs to rally behind federation, because no one else will. For all of the reasons which make it worth doing, it is not rewarding for corporations. They would much rather build walled gardens and centralize, centralize, centralize — it’s more profitable!"


Mad respect for Hans Buhr, who built a working model Antonov An-225 *and* a glide-functioning model Buran Soviet space shuttle, then strapped them together and launched one from the other


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