"as hard as sneaking a Geodude into a mineshaft" is my new slang for something that is trivially easy

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my timeline here is way too busy :/ I maybe have to unfollow folks, sry

okay i also do that kind of double fav, dear Sargoths, but that's usually intentional

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sometimes i accidentally unfavourite something and so have to double fav it to have it faved

Tired: it's on the blockchain

Wired: it's in the webring

this is why i was advocating an opt-in, non-federating solution because it means (a) every emoji will be vetted by instance admins, and (b) every emoji a user sees is insertable, which to me seems like a common user expectation to have

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become the webring you want to see in the world

romantic thing to do with your partner 


TAGS: css, css-property-transition, expected-behavior
set `transition-duration: 1s`; transition still took years

about me, college, maths 

early in college i read microsoft.com/en-us/research/w and was rllllly convinced

so for the next like two years i wrote all my proofs using a structured proof format based on that described in that paper and then just linearized them when i needed to submit them for a class or show them to people.

LB: i don't know anything about bripe but i know how i feel about brine and i'm happy to get all my coffee opinions from @bea

oh btw i'm back to reading this account's timeline now


"Tired of snacks that squish or squeak? Try new Crunch ThickLots ™ ! For that Extra Super Crunch ™ !"

programming, rust 

@er1n btw Geal said that you can do what they were trying to do with consumers much better using generators on nightly now and linked github.com/Geal/generator_nom/

become the significant otter you want to see in the world

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