trying a new app, gonna test if photo upload works with this one by posting pics of my pokémon trainer

@srn yeah! i really like where she's at right now, though i can only imagine there are more clothing shops later on so who knows where she'll end up :P


@QuietMisdreavus mine is way plainer :3 i should find where i put that game so i can take a pic of her

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@srn you're talking to the person who spent more money in pokemon y on clothing than potions >_>

@srn anyway thanks! i was over the moon (pun not intended) when they put trainer customization in x/y so i got a little Into it, and the same held true for sun/moon

@srn (btw my pokemon trainers are my namesake, i randomly picked that name in high school for my trainer in diamond and kinda picked it out recently when i wanted a chosen name)

(i like color names >_>)

@QuietMisdreavus (oooh. i also named myself after my character in a game. Surinna was the name of the first time I made a girl character in a role-playing game (except like I quickly panicked about whether I could RP a female character and gave up playing her >.>). and i found myself thinking back to it and liking the sound of it when I needed to pick a new name)

@srn hehe nice! there was like no thought put into playing a girl trainer in pokemon, it was like "oh, there's a choice now? boys are too common, let's do this" and i never thought about it again

@srn and since that was also the time i binged on everything in gen3 and gen4, grey got a lot of coverage for a while

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