@QuietMisdreavus (oooh. i also named myself after my character in a game. Surinna was the name of the first time I made a girl character in a role-playing game (except like I quickly panicked about whether I could RP a female character and gave up playing her >.>). and i found myself thinking back to it and liking the sound of it when I needed to pick a new name)

@QuietMisdreavus mine is way plainer :3 i should find where i put that game so i can take a pic of her

@glitternoodle@witches.town they only show up on the public profile page (like witches.town/@glitternoodle ), not in the like logged-in user interface

i'm not sure why

@Sargoth this is the real reason why twitter is allowing 280 characters, huh

"as hard as sneaking a Geodude into a mineshaft" is my new slang for something that is trivially easy

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