Macaws ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Macaws are interesting and so very special but they can be very challenging to have as a companion in your home if
you don’t know what to expect which is why I wanted to talk about:
Yellow-crowned amazon
The Yellow-crowned Amazon is a bird of the Psittacidae family, whose scientific name is Amazona ochrocephala , and in English, it is called the Yellow-crowned Parrot. It is popularly known as parrot-of-Suriname, airuapara, ajuruapara, and ajeruapara. When properly cared for, their life expectancy reaches 80 years. See other beautiful parrots.

Are you interested to find out where the parrots live the Parrots habitat?
Parrots live in tropical and subtropical regions and continents
Let’s find out where exactly! Parrots habitat

Wagler’s macaw Blue-throated macaw Caninde macaw

The canindé macaw has the scientific name Ara ararauna . It belongs to the Psittacidae family and is known in English as Blue-and-yellow-macaw or Blue-and-Gold-macaw. It is also called the yellow-bellied macaw, yellow macaw, blue-and-yellow macaw, macaw, and canindé. Life expectancy is 60 years or more, as long as it is maintained inadequate conditions.

Why does my Parrot stop speaking?

The problem is not always why the parrots stop talking. Some people long for their parrots to stop vocalizing, simply because they keep talking after they learn a few sentences. Parrots are very social and want to communicate with other members of the house. Both men and other parrots. So a talking parrot is probably far more common than a silent one.

Dangerous foods for parrots
Parrots, for most species, are not specific eaters when it comes to their diet. On the other hand, a number of foods that are commonly consumed by humans represent health risks for psittacidae. Some will be just irritating, others will be deadly. It is best to avoid offering your parrot the foods listed below.
25 Best Parrot Toys for Your Feathered Friend
Toys hanging in the cage
Parrot toys come in all kinds, varieties, textures, shapes and colors. These are toys that are appreciated by the parrot which spends a lot of time in the cage, or the small parrot which does not use its legs to hold an object, but these are not the favorites of the medium and large parrot which has the leisure to move at ease in the house.

Coronavirus disease COVID-19 from birds Parrot?

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID – 19) from birds? | Are my birds safe from COVID | Or is my family safe around my birds

An important topic circulating all over the world through social media during COVID pandemic

The below information is from the World Parrot Trust (WPT) – The World Parrot Trust is an international charity dedicated to saving parrots it is a nonprofit organization

African Grey Disease and Syndromes
If an African gray parrot is sick “swells” or shows abnormal or audible breathing, you should immediately consult a bird veterinarian. Those who breed parrots would do well to have them checked annually by a veterinarian who has extensive experience with parrots.

The Green cheeked conures

The Green cheeked conures have been kept as companions or farmed birds for decades. Documents attest to their captivity since the beginning of the 20th century. However as the adventure gradually turned from the menagerie into a serious “hobby”, the Pionus has long been ignored by the majority of poultry farmers. From 1980 there was a positive explosion of interest in keeping and raising parrots.


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