linux nunca me deu tanta dor de cabeça igual essa semana

vtnc debian e derivados

um dia pra instalar um driver no debian e ainda n consegui

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nem instalar um emulador de terminal eu sei direito

caraca eu uso linux faz uns 3 anos e até hoje eu só sei o básico do básico

ok I started to use bitwarden instead of lastpass

let's see whats gonna happen

Can't wait for the cybertruck to end up in the used truck buyback/resale economy, so ISIS can have green vehicles in 5 years

“I love you” is out. The new I Love You is “you do not upset me”.

my mom said she was proud of me for listening to classical music so I didn't bother telling her it was just an anime soundtrack

i'm using a plex server within thousands of movies, tv shows etc

goodbye streaming services

i want to speak english on this site but its not my first language

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