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estoy triste pq mi amigo guiri no me habla

why la gente doesn't want to talk to me en español or in espanglish that's even better carajo

i wanna cuddle with my 1'88m tall russian girlfriend and feed her blinis and pryanikis and talk to her adorable babushka

it's not a secret but anyway i thought you need to know that

now that nobody is reading me i'm gonna say it: i have a crush on tatiana shmaylyuk

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if you don't like the taste of mushrooms you need to grow up!!!!

it's not because we don't clean the floor it's because of bacteria yall know what i mean

i would use her earphones but she accidentally dropped them on the floor this morning and they are dirty af

i need my gf to come back home asap but she is probably too drunk to know where our house is lol

idk why the speakers are not working so i am not able to watch my shitty youtube videos and i ain't got nothing better 2 do so if anyone wants to talk to me do it rn

what is happening why is everybody gone

78 days without social interaction:
i desperately talk to the screen when watching a youtube video to pretend that i'm speaking with someone

me: hi (sorry for my english)
me: *breathes* (sorry for my russian)
me: ese weon culiao ta cuático (i'm not sorry for my spanish)

why are nazi belarusians talking to me why all men are mad in *that* social media serious question

i'm not completely sure that i used a correct grammar structure since right now i'm thinking in spanish
buuut you get me, right? that's the important thing after all
languages are meant to communicate ideasSsSs

btw the best thing of my summer has been discovering some really cool belarusian music bands. i love those guys they're contemporary legends

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