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little children were upset because their doughnuts suddenly disappeared but it's okay sweetie. you're 23 but don't worry. you are the hero the world needs. they could have been diagnosed with diabetes after eating one of those lethal pink doughnuts. you saved them.

overall it was good anyway. i had fun watching a crazy tía that i don't even know taking a lot of stupid photos. and her sobrina, that ate 15 doughnuts without hesitating. i admire her. she is my queen. my wig is flying. sis you gotta be strong in this world. don't let 80 people looking bad at you (because you ate all the doughnuts in the place) ruin your dreams. go for it girl. follow your goals.

annoying shit 

well we started eating at 3 pm and we finished at 6 pm so what the real fuck. but anyways. worst things are coming:

after my family came from church they took me to a fancy weird place to have lunch. it was my cousin's (i've never seen her in my life lol) first communion -o como se diga esa vaina en inglés ya tu sabes- because our culture is amazing (by amazing i mean shitty)

okay i need attention so. here we go. thread about my day. very important stuff (no lol):

i know i'm too bored when no rap songs make me feel satisfied enough

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cishets be like: I would walk 1000 miles just to fall down at your door

just take a bus lmao

it's really difficult for me to type with these kilometric long fake nails try me cardi b

should latin & ancient greek be taught as if they were modern languages?

waiting for my family to leave to the church so i can sing bad bunny while doing my makeup that's my only goal

my mom: let's go to the church we're gonna be late hurry up
my sister: what is a church

me: no fear
*a german sentence appears*
me: one fear

and i studied german for 2 years in uni and i literally run away without looking back every time i see a german word

i studied french for 6 years in high school and i can understand it perfectly when reading but gosh... listening and speaking are unintelligible and impossible wtf

just got my brows done and... wtf... they're way toooo thin they don't look like my brows anymore

—why do you hate men?
—well i actually don't i jus...
—i think you're too radical

omg!!!! you are too feminine to be a lesbian!!! no offense haha you know... it's just like... you are so feminine haha... sure that you don't like men? not even a little? cause you look straight... sure you're not at least bi? definitely you should try... i don't have anything against lesbians but i think being bisexual is more inclusive than being monosexual... you know what i mean? i hope you don't get offended haha it's just advice 😋

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it owns so hard that americans are like "ok so i'm a leftist now. i'm not a liberal. don't call me a liberal. i won't do any reading or change my thought processes or how i see the world at all and at heart am still an individualist, but by god, don't call me a lib!"

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