@garlic_onions If you're still willing, we want to hear feedback from you on how to make SSB usable for you and others like you. We have a non-dev UX/product designer at Manyverse nowadays, and they're mindful of diverse target audiences and they want to validate assumptions for those target audiences. I'm hoping we can have fruitful and respectful conversations :heart:

@garlic_onions As for farewellutopia who said "lazy", I don't endorse them, in fact I reprove the words they used, and they can't speak for SSB. So take it as "this specific person" refers to others as lazy, not "people on SSB" refer to others as lazy. The current maintainers of SSB tech abide by a code of conduct github.com/ssbc/.github/blob/m and farewellutopia would not pass the test in my opinion.

@garlic_onions Hi Ana, I read your thread and empathize with the experience. It's hard to join SSB with a preset "block list" of the most harmful accounts. We have a couple of new features in the pipeline for Manyverse, such as private groups and trustnet, which will mean better boundaries for community and personal safety, and upholding code of conducts.

@iska @nonlinear @manyver_se @dsfgs That's a bit inconsiderate, it's non trivial for him or for me to do such patches to Penpot, on top of all the work that we're already swamped with it. If you want to contribute to building those scripts for us, be our guest, but in the meantime, it's perfectly okay for us to use Figma if we want to, and if our productivity demands it.

@nonlinear @manyver_se Another outcome is that we're documenting design guidelines in our Wiki, starting from Principles and Themes. The two principles I identified were:
1. "Reform and re-educate, don't innovate."
2. "Be a toolkit, not a service."

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Some weeks ago @nonlinear volunteered as a UX/UI designer for @manyver_se and now we have the first outcomes of this collaboration! 🎨 He is designing the flow for following hashtags on the app, and it's all open design in this Figma doc: figma.com/community/file/10901

So I make a compromise on that, I use GitHub and crypto and other "evils" while focusing my energy on fighting against one thing: centralized social networks.

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That said, I think it's more productive to have "one enemy", to criticize one thing and to focus my energies on work against that enemy. Having multiple enemies, criticizing many things at once, is too puritan and leads to very little energy towards any one thing. For instance, I could criticize and be against GitHub, but doing so would demand more energy from me, migrating away from it, not interacting with it. The net effect is a visible reduction in productivity.

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Very valid points! I can make a few promises: although the Manyverse open collective may be related to crypto for funding, Manyverse as an app will never have any blockchain integration or in-app purchases. We make some strong promises on our website and we'll keep those promises.

In the recent past I've been vocal against crypto projects. I don't intend to change that.

We are now on Gitcoin for a quadratic funding round! This means that if we get lots of tiny donations, they'll be matched but in much larger amount. We want to work on Patchwork Parity and partial replication. 🙏
Link: gitcoin.co/grants/5119/manyver

@skyfaller @manyver_se Similarly for Manyverse we are just interested in fiat, and our Open Collective opencollective.com/manyverse/d supports receiving crypto (input) but it's converted so that we will only get dollars (output).

@skyfaller @manyver_se SSB isn't tied to cryptocurrency, but we accept it as a way of exchanging money. In the past, Dominic Tarr received $200k via Dfinity (a crypto project) and gave it all to SSB, and later SSB received $80k from Handshake (also a crypto project) managed via opencollective.com/access. The money is never held in crypto, they just converted it to fiat ASAP. But these two past cases of funding have done immense good to SSB and people in its community.

@RefurioAnachro Yeah, it's not the case anymore since we redesigned the connections screen and we don't need that information anymore.

@RefurioAnachro The anti-features were real (just because we pinged to check for internet presence), but they aren't real anymore since we changed some code logic, but F-Droid maintainers haven't merged or approved this yet. See gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/-

@garbados @reconbot You can't approach the issue of moderation with the same expectations for these two very different spaces. On social media you for sure need ways of removing or hiding negative content, because you easily see negative content because anyone can send it to you. On social networks, especially invite-only like SSB, the invite process is a huge filter for positive content to begin with.

@garbados @reconbot Manyverse never ever claimed to be social media. You can try to search it yourself, we never used that word. We describe it as a social network, which is significantly different to social media. Social networks are the graph of friendships, and transmitting messages to friends. Social media is about worldwide broadcast, and public visibility.

@lutindiscret @cwebber @lanodan @yaaps@banana.dog @iron_bug Rooms 2.0 are not about store-and-forward, in fact rooms don't store any data at all, not even in encrypted form. Rooms are simply like TURN/STUN servers, but more user friendly, and Rooms 2.0 add a bunch of user friendly features such as aliases and a web dashboard.

@liaizon I opened and skimmed it, but I would need a TL;DR because the thread seems focused on AP technical details that make it hard to abstract and see common problems and common patterns with other decentral communities

@lutindiscret So nice to hear! 🙏
I have an account here but my activity is low

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