Okay, so why when I click on follow for some people it works fine and for others, including people who follow me, it doesn't? What's with this app

@stand_for_all I guess it's mostly just overloaded servers that decide to throw away requests they're too busy to handle.

I have a way better username here than on twitter. Never leaving

@VijayRandomNumber it’s the @xxx that’s throwing me. I like yours!

@Nicolalala Thanks! I've gone from a two letter handle to a giant one which is admittedly funny. I think the @ XXX dot whatever means people are on a different instance from you (eg. I registered with mastodon dot social), so have that after my username in some places.

@stand_for_all mastodon is distributed and this is the developer's server (known as an 'instance') which is very busy. other instances might be more responsive. you can migrate an account on mastadon to a different instance. i'm going to give it some time before i choose a permanent instance.

@stand_for_all just a bit of overload due to popularity today. Give it another go!

@stand_for_all I think it's just creaking a little with all the users on here at the moment

@colinwmd @stand_for_all it seems to be getting slowly better, too - probably would have been better if the mastodon dot social instance wasn't flooded & we'd spread the load around a bit, too, now I've learnt how this works.

@stand_for_all It's a pain. Also depends which client you use. (Whalebird on Mac works passably for me for interaction, but not for search)

@stand_for_all It was much more buggy/overloaded earlier from all the Twitter refugees but now it's much more clear. Nice to start fresh on a new site in some regards ;).

Not sure but I can't get profile photo or bio to save?
Done them 3 times now & just wont save:( 😞

@Rosiecat2 @stand_for_all Are you trying on desktop or app? App works just like Twitter for me

@StevePeers @stand_for_all No, not happening, no tick
I'll try tomorrow - off to bed now

@StevePeers @stand_for_all
On a PC. I can get it uploaded but when I press save changes nothing happens 😞

@Rosiecat2 @stand_for_all is there a tick on the desktop version you could click?

@stand_for_all I followed you. You show as “pending”. Not sure if there is an authorisation process

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