I'm trying to picture it, but all I get is thumbnails.


hello, i'm Dym, i do
- coding (css, js)
- graphics (vector drawings mostly)
- also speak eng, ger, rus

feel free to ask for help or collaboration on any of the above


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Styles to make your control look like a toggle whether you use:

1. checkbox and/or no JS: adrianroselli.com/2019/03/unde

2. <button> with aria-pressed: adrianroselli.com/2019/08/unde

just found foxes-in-love's comics on tumblr and finding it almost painful how well green fox captures me around my partners


If you use Firefox or Chrome, we developed an easy way you can help people bypass censorship.

Our Snowflake extension turns your browser into a proxy that connects Tor users in censored regions to the Tor network. snowflake.torproject.org/

Our new operating system has many innovative features, including:

* Runs Lua natively
* Java programs run backwards
* Support for slave-mode Bluetooth
* Drops unnecessary support for legacy technologies like electricity
* Seventeen-color graphics
* Re-writable memory
* Can dynamically add or remove keyboard keys
* Supports up to -2 CPUs

I’m not exactly sure how I managed to get to using with without even understanding classes. Oh well, time to learn about OOP now I guess.

Am I the only one, who, when I start programming something, has everything neat and well understood, but by the end of things, have totally lost control and have no clue what I’m doing?

The good news is that I’ve gotten SCSS and TypeScript compilation working without using (relatively) overkill solutions such as webpack or parcel. The bad news is that I’m now nesting selectors like there’s no tomorrow.

DID IT!!! 🍾 🎉

I past last 9 months trying to learn linguistics and land a master's in it, as a BA in literature. I had failed the first school I applied. A couple hours ago, I learned that I got a place in one of the 3 schools I had applied and did the exams at recently. Now I'm waiting for one of the other 2: one of them I care about, the other I'm certain I won't go now.

I feel so stupidly happy!

Oddly enough, ESlint on Sublime Text actually runs slower than ESlint on VScode. I’d expect the opposite, as VScode is an Electron app (albeit an optimized the fuck out of Electron app), but then again it could be something to do with the plugins. Seriously, I’ve never realized how much helpful stuff there is built into VScode until when I tried to switch to Sublime Text and had to try to install so many plugins.

So I gave in to temptation and tried out SvelteJS for a bit. I absolutely ADORE how simple it is compared to Vue, but unfortunately, the docs and tooling are. . .lacking. I’ll probably stay with Vue for now.

Does anyone have any tips for speeding up Lubuntu on a crappy Dell laptop? I’ve prowled through the configs of both firefox and vscodium, switched to NVIDIA drivers, rotated DEs from LXDE to LXQT to KDE back to LXQT, bootlooped and recovered, switched display managers between LightDM and sddm, but it. Still. Keeps. Hanging. Whenever I try to use parcel-bundler’s dev server.

So I just finished writing my first app in VueJS! It's a clone of something I'd previously done in vanilla JS, and extremely hacky and convoluted, but it (mostly) works, and I learned so MUCH.

So after a literal week of setting up linters and swearing at parcel to work, I managed to make some headway learning Vue. It’s extremely difficult, but fun.

I'm finally taking the plunge and learning VueJS. What could possibly go wrong?

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