Watching some parents in the store, i have come to the conclusion that all diaper bags and strollers should have MOLLE webbing

HEY THERE It's me kewlprepper15 and wel*voice cracks*come to my video about how the Makarov pistol is the best side arm for TEOTWAWKI please like and subscribe!!!

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So there's very little likelyhood this'll actually get seen by any of the current influx of people coming in off of Twitter, but I wonder what their initial reactions are to any of our other deliberate design differences are? Like, the only-hashtags searching, the no quoting, etc.?

Maybe the reason that all planets in Star Trek look the same is because invasive species are a problem on other planets too.

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Amtrak® Travel Trip:
Post up in the observation car and get drunk.

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Mastodon users, new and old:

You can add a caption, or alt-text, to images you toot!

These captions make your toots more accessible, by giving people who can't see the image a description of what's in the image.

Just hover over the image over you attach it and type a description in the spot that says "Describe for the visually impaired" before you hit the TOOT! button.

Please also encourage Mastodon app authors to add caption functionality. And please boost. Thanks!

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This is the worst take. I've complained before about the faux outrage over pumpkin spice being basically because it's gendered in pop culture as feminine. All of these articles basically exist to say "girls can't like things" and "boys can't like girly things because they're icky".

Will Pumpkin Spice Destroy Us All? -

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It's amazing how much work these days goes into re-inventing RPC.

HTTP API's, whether using JSON as the data encoding or not, is basically RPC. Celery is decentralized RPC. AMQP is decentralized, unreliable RPC.

It's even a buzzword: microservices are basically "let's use RPC as much as possible".

Anything highly-distributed evolves towards explicit message passing, which is basically... yep, RPC.

You would think we'd have come up with a semi-reasonable general solution by now.


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2018: over nice% of worldwide internet traffic is now carried by the Custom Emojo Transport Layer (formerly activitypub)

He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever pineapple you did not put on pizza for one of the least of these, you did not put on pizza for me.

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Interesting technique by Todd Mortimer to reduce the number of gadgets on x86 even further:

Damn it i miss Unity...
Gnome putting the date/time in the center of the top menu looks so bad

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It's a nootropic from the dark web called Salty Mud. Chick was givin' a TEDx talk on usin' cybernetic hippos to enforce diversity, suddenly she's complainin' about her hands bein' 'pixelated'.

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The sky was the color of television, tuned to THE BIG GAME, BRO

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BSD (Bepis Standard Distribution), a flavor of UNIX,

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I see a thread with some trans people trying to blame Ginny for her harassment and acting like she erased their womanhood

I see the couple of you doing this and I see the abusive people you surround yourself with

You're not fooling anyone, and Ginny is not transphobic

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