Tbh I mostly don't get depressed from going on facebook. I tend to feel a lot of envy though.

(Potentially stating obvious here, but yeah)

Twitter just seems more depressing / harder to use nowadays tbh.

Tfw I want a cat but since I live with my sister she has really bad allergies with them. ; w ;

Wonder how she got them but I didn't.

Off weekend prior to Halloween (I know the day before is probably busiest) but I'm still surprised because I NEVER get weekends off unless I ask for it.

Really want to plan something.

People at work sit in the most inconvenient ways or places to use an outlet to charge their phone and just... be like me and buy a portable one.

Hmm. I'm loving the style but I'm not sure if I'm just taking a while to adjust or I'm not liking TWEWY's controls. :/

Motion controls tire my arms out. Touch controls not sure if I'm doing it the right away? I feel like I do actions that ends up having my hand cover part of the screen I need.

Have an early shift tomorrow and I forget how to go to bed early, but I'm meeting up with some old friends for the first time in a while. Excited, since it's kinda hard for me to do that around here.

Has twitter been eating people's tweets often? Not sure if it's just me.

Like it has tweets from a while ago at the top of my feed, when I know there's been people tweeting since. Think it only happens on the browser though.

Want to grab lunch before work, but roommate is on the phone sounding angry with someone on the phone in Spanish. :S

Sorry if I occasionally get more personal on here. Sister and her BF, who I see every day, follows me on twitter now so I been hesitant on tweeting anything they'd ask me about. Been debating to make an alternate twitter for more people to follow, but Idk.

Work is going to be rough this week so I thought it would be relieving to have today off but... Idk. Roommates are asleep / busy, and all my friends are more then an hour away. One of those days where the loneliness really settled in.

Do I need to stay away from Twitter because of lewd 'Bowsettes' now....

Finally did the interview and... I dunno. ): The person was nice but at the same time I felt like I wasted a few years of my life.

Is it bad the reason I haven't gotten around to XBC2 yet is because its gacha aspect is still kind of a turn off?

Playing actual gacha games has been reminding me the torment lately.

Man, Toonami's revival has sure really grown ever since that initial April Fools joke...

So yeah, my interview got moved to Thursday.

Gee, I wish they told me in advance or something. At least I wasn't the only one though, or else I wasn't sure if I still wanted to go through with it.

I think they forgot about my interview....

There's a bunch of managers in there looked like they're focused on something else. What to do. Is it worth it?

Truly amazing how Dissidia NT been freefalling in price. I don't think I would ever get interested though unless they do some massive A Realm Reborn like update.

Having a large basement area to store stuff now is SO NICE compared to having to cram things in a closet before.

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