My Young Daughter: Can you explain irony to me?
Me: Ummm, it's a difficult concept to explain.
My Young Daughter: In China its the year of the rat. Rat's carry disease. Corona-virus.
Me: You understand perfectly.
True Story


Stop right now and watch ST:Picard. Move it to the top of your list. It's great! It's not TOS, TNG , DS9, Voyager, or Discovery. It has the great storytelling and moriality stories of Star Trek, without being the perfect happy universe of older start trek. At the end of every episode all I can thing is, "I will that had lasted longer, and I can't wait to see what happens next."

Okay, I like NFL Football... but I had to change the channel because that was a completely inappropriate halftime show to let my kid watch.

Temptation - an unguarded set of bells at a Salvation Army bucket. Would anyone really blame me for taking them, or would I be a hero and save the world some aggravation? Never mind, ignore I said that...but still...

I took apart a friends MacBook to try to fix it yesterday. You know what I found. I lot of very expensive commodity hardware in a nice metal shell. Same stuff I could get in a $500 laptop. What a ripoff Apple.

I don't think I want convergence. I want a tablet or phone interface on my phone and tablet. MATE on my main desktop, LXQT on my Chromebook. I don't want one interface for all devices. It just doesn't work for me to have one style on everything. BTW, I use my phone for phone and podcasts, my tablet for quick looks ups on the internet, my chromebook for surfing, and my desktop for real work. Huh, different interfaces for different uses, what a concept!

Good idea or bad idea - for @pokey 's jerky. Does the coconut amino's taste anything like coconut? If so maybe add some pureed pineapple to the marinade to give it a little sweet to offset the smokey-spicy. Pina colada jerky.
@x1101 @thaj

Why do I sudo? Because when the new kitten who likes the warmth of my laptop decides to jump on or lay down on the keyboard there is much less chance of losing data.

@thaj @pokey @x1101
Any suggestions for a starting pocket knife for a 10 y/o daughter? She has asked for one.

Not sure if @klaatu drinks at all, but this one seems like he can at least appreciate the can.

Listening to the HPR New Year's Eve show you talked about a World War 1 documentary. Do you remember what it was?

Why does Fedora work for me when nothing else will and it seems to cause problems for others? I've gone through several hundred iso's and always end up back on Fedora.

We should shorten it to "+" because ADD takes to long to say for Attention Def... oh, my tea is done.

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