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Ljungberg at Arsenal
Lampard at Chelsea
Ole at United

Just bring in Gerrard at Liverpool, Shearer at NewCastle and Yaya at City to make this league as mediocre as at it can become.

From following even the Turkish League to not able to watch Premier League matches, it has been a massive downfall for me.


Last book I read was Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell but then there is like a pile of 20 books which I was supposed to read this year.

:blobugh: :blobsweats:

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I have become a book hoarder and the Japanese have a term for that too.

Tsitsipas vs Medvedev.

Finally, this is a RIVALRY!!

Jennifer Aniston in The Morning Show is goddamn brilliant. :blobaww: :blobaww:

Switch from Premier League to Indian Super League and you get instant migraine.

Chelsea are the most entertaining side in the premier league.

What a transformation from last season.

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Based on the amazingly detailed, and, I daresay, extremely courageous, reports by Niranjan Takle in The Caravan magazine (@vinod) , a half-decent Supreme Court would have ordered an investigation into the matter.

There was SO much material to go by.

But the subject was too hot to touch.

India has let down Judge Loya.

He is one of my biggest modern heroes. I salute him for his integrity.

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I hope the judgement will be so confusing that no one understands it actually.

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7. @trai has discussed platform neutrality. And the world is debating algorithmic neutrality. So the points that they can do what they want and not be held accountable just because they are private parties does not hold anymore.

8. Users have right to choose. Mastodon seems to have offered an alternative. People are voting with their feet.

Twitter can ignore this, but if you are a Twitter user, they're accountable to you, you will have to choose at some point. Twitter needs to explain itself.

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Another thing which I like about mastodon as compared to twitter is that mastodon does not keep flashing numbers to influence

Whether number of boosts, likes or followers

The numbers are visible only if you seek them out. Not on my face

Every toot is judged based on content and not based on reputation

This whole thing gives kind of silicon valley show vibe.

Decentralized Social Media.

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