12.9K new users on mastodon.social this week. Don’t know off-hand how the numbers for the fediverse at large look

It’s now up to 18.8K new users this week. For reference, growth was about 1K per week for a long time.


@Gargron if let's suppose half of Twitter migrates to mastodon.social, will it be able to handle the traffic?

@stateastic @Gargron half of twitter would be about 65 million users. Mastodon.social has, I believe, about 350 thousand users. So it would be about 200 times the number of people. Also, I think the 350k is total users, not active users, and the twitter number is active users, so probably more like 400 times (just a guess). Anyhow, that’s the beauty of the fediverse. It’s intended to be able to scale out to other instances to handle the load.

@stateastic @Gargron not necessarily. At some point, Mastodon.social might close registrations, but people already on it would still be fine. New people joining the fediverse would need to join other instances. It’s sort of like email. You can be on different instances and still communicate just fine (like we are now).

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