Hey @FrameworkPuter@twitter.com, I really really like everything you're doing and am about to buy one of your laptops, but wanted to ask: Will there be AMD processor support soon, and what's the ETA for Intel 13 gen support?

I'm against capital punishment. I think lowercase is enough.

I'm building a device I can weigh houses with.

It's a large scale project.

Why have playable demos of games fallen out of favor, in an era where it would be easier than ever to have them?

Why can't @Steam@twitter.com let me play a game for 3 hours for free, and then say "OK no more playing, you can buy the game if you want more"?

I was once trekking out into the woods. Three days in, I thought I had lots of food still left, but when I opened my backpack, there was nothing.

You can imagine my supplies.

Has anyone used @ThingsMobileEN@twitter.com SIMs? Are they good for leaving in an IoT device for years? What's your experience?

BTW, the attached image shows the best way to make sure I never ask you for advice, ever.

A friend of mine worked at a cinema concession stand, but quit when he found a much better job shooting police-themed adult films.

He went from pop corn to cop porn.

I was on vacation in London, and I found a ten-pound note.

It said "this is too heavy to carry, so I'm leaving it here".

I have to say, I really respect General Motors. Must be really hard to rise through the Army ranks with such an odd last name.

Hey, @SoloKeysSec@twitter.com, please please make the Hacker variant easier to enter DFU mode so we can play with our keys without fear of ruining them permanently if our code isn't perfect.

As much as I love my Solo v2 Hacker, it's useless to me if I'm one crash away from bricking it.

I like how the @nytimes@twitter.com signup form tells me that my email address isn't valid. I guess they don't like hostnames with more than one dot in them.

Overzealous email validation is a cardinal sin.

MFW I warn people against some complicated technology like Kubernetes or Kafka and they use "but scale" as a counterargument.

I submitted a Kagi prefix to them months ago, but it looks like it still hasn't been added... Odd.

So with CloudFlare Workers in CloudFlare Pages I can write a JS file called mypath.js and when someone visits myserver.com/mypath, the code gets executed server-side? That's pretty neat!

Looks like we're back to the PHP days, except the language is bett... never mind.

Listen to my woes: I bought @songsofconquest@twitter.com but it doesn't run on Linux, and I can't be bothered to reboot to Windows to play it, even though I really like it.

I'm never buying a game that doesn't run on Linux again, I have decided.

PSA: "GMT" doesn't mean "whatever time it is in the UK". The UK isn't even on GMT right now.

People say "well-written code doesn't need comments" to mean "my code is well-written, therefore it doesn't need comments". The saying should be "if your code needs comments, it's not well-written enough".

Causality goes the other way.

I guess they can charge however much they want, but I think price fatigue will set in soon. We can't be paying $20 per user per month on 100 small tools.

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