On the other hand, isn't all art and the very fact that I've chosen to spend my career creating ideas and knowledge already beholden to that economy? Can I really even escape that dance if I want to? Is my career dependent on my "relevance" which is beholden to performing that dance myself? Wrestling with these questions and honestly feeling a bit lost around them at the moment.

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I'm really struggling more generally with how to engage the attention economy, but that feels like a separate conversation. On the one hand, every social media platform just feels like jacking into feeds of ads—either actual ads or parasocial acquaintances shilling their products or themselves. It's no longer pleasant for me but I can easily get drawn into the dopamine addiction-loops.

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I think i might return to Twitter in some capacity, but I'm really struggling with my role within the attention economy. Mastodon just doesn't have the same reach yet for the general "call into the void for advice" kind of posts. With those I'm really trying to start conversations with subsets of people (which admittedly Twitter isn't great for) but I'm not sure there's another platform that fills that better.

Mastodon friends/artists! Clara Fernández-Vara and I are curing an in-person exhibit in Santa Cruz in December, HOPS AHEAD, and calling for work related to alternate and speculative words and interactive narrative. Deadline is JULY 31. Please see the full call & link to the submission form:


I’m 11 months post PhD-defense and I still don’t feel fully recovered from that burnout. I don’t really see other academic friends talking about this online. I know I had a particularly crunched end to my PhD during a pandemic, and I keep wanting to think maybe my experience was atypical. But when I talk to folks in person, so far it’s this kind of universally-acknowledged cost of finishing. Seems like something we should talk about more openly.

$2,000 prize for unpublished trans, queer, neurodiverse or visible minority children's writers or illustrators based in the USA diversebooks.org/programs/walt
#writing #illustration

take the money you were once spending on your NYT subscription and direct it to your favorite independent journalist, local news publication, or non-profit research organization.

i'll drop a few in a thread, feel free to add!

Hm. I think I’m going to stop the daily ritual posts. They work better for me in more ephemeral form, and I don’t love them dominating my TL. Still figuring out how I want to translate my various rituals and practices from other social media (in this case IG stories) to the fediverse.

I managed to successfully replace branches of Google and Microsoft monopolies for personal use: #Hey for mail, #Ecosia for search, #Firefox for browsing (desktop & mobile), and Murena + /e/ + Fairphone for smartphones. These migrations were mostly painless.

I'm still stuck with others though: 🧵

I really believe that an increased understanding of systems literacy can lead to brighter futures across many dimensions, and games are an excellent way for us to cultivate those skills and use them to communicate complex ideas.

US politics 

I see a lot of conversations to the effect of “get out and protest/vote” which feels too small, or “burn it all down and start over” which feels too nebulous. What are some of the tangible changes that might refocus the US on community, empathy for the well-being of others, rights and privileges of the individual rather than corporations? Or is our culture really too rotten to be saved? I don’t want that to be true.

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US politics 

In our current political moment, I’m not entirely sure what it means to be proactive. Clearly the ways we have been approaching these issues are not working. We have systemic problems that need systemic solutions and I don’t think I have a clear enough understanding of the various factors involved in these systems to offer useful thoughts. I’d be interested in resources if folks have them, I just don’t see a lot of conversation happening at a sufficiently-macro level in my circles.

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Over the last several months, I’ve been building a practice of trying to be less reactive and more strategic and proactive across several dimensions of my life. I’ve been focusing on this most in how I spend my time and work energy, but I find its positive effects bleeding over into my reactions to current events and life difficulties too.

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