Skip making a showing at the farmers market the week before their launch

Pro-#scooters rant 

Yet another new beta version of Toot! is out! This time, it's mostly small improvements and bugfixes.

* Character count on posting screen.
* Toned down CW.
* Better display of direct messages on toot screen.
* Show name of app on toot screen.
* Copy text of toots.
* Hashtags with non-ASCII characters should work now.
* Various other bugfixes.

Just so we’re on the same page, the #Apple hardware updates rumored for the event expected next month include:

- new MacBook
- new iPads
- new iPhone, obviously
- new Watch (up to six new models)
- new Mac mini
- new partridge in a pear tree

That is a... likely unrealistic amount of new stuff. I think it might be worth tempering your expectations.


I have just pushed out a new beta build! New in this version:

* Toots with content warnings and sensitive media are now hidden.
* Fixed crashes on iPads. There is still no actual iPad UI, and there won't be for a while, but the iPhone UI should now work a bit better on iPads.

Idea for Mastodon clients 

#city #cars #pedestrians #bikes #safety rant 

#city #cars #pedestrians #bikes #safety rant 

“It’s like I’ve moved to a new town where nobody knows me, but everyone is looking to make new friends.”

The final quote of this Wired article sums it up perfectly.

is as good as people are saying. Best rom-com in a long time. I cried a lot. It touched on so many interesting topics: food, fashion, strong women, , culture, lgbt, game theory, relationships, family, etc.

Tootbot sounds like a fart app.
Mastobot well that sounds even worse.

I'd really like phone calls to not take over my iPhone's screen. The people who call me are not people I want to talk to on the phone, and it's a huge disruption. Just a regular notification is fine.

I know it's technically a phone. I get it.

Its interesting to see how much time people spend on FB vs other social media.

#mastodon meta 

Feature idea for a Mastodon client that so many people would love. Show a preview of my post right away as if it’s live, but don't actually send it until after 30 seconds or so to give me time to edit before anyone sees it.

Twitter explains why it’s hurting Tweetbot and Twitterrific in internal email

Ok, let's try an experiment. You can use this page to sign up for Toot!:

It will remain open as long as I dare, and hopefully I won't run completely out of beta tester slots!

And remember, not everything works yet! Report bugs at, but remember to check if they are already there!

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