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@steadicat That’s so awesome to hear! I still really liked the space suit on this one, i don’t think I’ve drawn another that’s quite as unique yet 😁

This is what I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. WorkFlowy is now more beautiful on the surface, and even more so on the inside. And we’re just getting started!

@dlanham This little guy has been on my lock screen since my first iPhone (3G). I made a black background version for the X. I can’t imagine an iPhone of mine without him. Thank you.

got me a birthday present one week early. Breadcrumbs! Quick fixes in problems pane! JSX tag completion!

I just posted an article on algorithmically generating guitar chord fingerings using . The fingering suggestions are *mostly* playable. Mostly...

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btw, for people new to Mastodon, because it bears repeating - CW = content warning. To use it, click "CW" under a post you're making, and enter a label for the post.

common CWs/content warnings are for things like US politics, death, mental health (or mh), which is noted by positive (+) or negative (-), anything that people may not want to necessarily see as they're scrolling by. let people choose what to interact with, because you don't want certain content either.

This bug makes me a lot more excited about Mastodon. For some reason.

Just had my first ever UAP-AC-Lite outage. That thing had an uptime of over a year, it didn’t even occur to me it could be the problem. I blamed my Mac first (of course), then my ISP, my router, and only then did I think of restarting the AP. I was so surprised when that fixed it.

My idea of a fun Saturday is spending the day migrating a large codebase away from jQuery. Don’t at me. Actually, go ahead, it’s pretty lonely in here.


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