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Since there seems to be a whole lot of new people turning up here, a brief reintroduction of myself:

I'm Andrew Hickey. I'm a writer , I blog at and have a Patreon at . I write about old TV, 60s pop music, science fiction, comics, and politics.

I'm a left-wing member of the Lib Dems, I support universal basic income, staying in the EU, not being a prick to trans people, and electoral reform.

I'm also autistic, so I seem odd to neurotypicals.

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Does anyone else think this fad of 'hygge' is weird? That an entire movement is based around d a specific word from another language.

Do non English speaking cultures do this with our words, like 'twee' for exsample

Do Danish websites push content like 'ten ways to introduce the British concept of twee into your life'

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That is, it spends a one-line, throwaway joke, one that worked better when it was the one about the Babel Fish, telling us the Golgafrinchan population died from a virus contracted from a dirty telephone, and dozens of pages showing-not-telling how useless the Ark B people actually are, culminating in them fucking up the Earth's original program simply by being there.

I wonder how common that type of misreading is.

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Runaway train of thought takes me back to the person who said that the point of the Golgafrincham Ark B story was that the people on that Ark were actually necessary for the survival of their original society. That still strikes me as both a pointlessly contrarian take and a bad misreading; it puts what the book says over what the book does.

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Finally got logged into my old account and redirected it to Yey!

Really impressed with how quickly mastodon has improved and built out features that benefit the people who use it.

Funny how that can happen when you remove the advertising profit motive, isn't it?

I *shouldn't* be grumpy, because it's not like there's any actual reason for others not to do that, and I've done books about stuff other people have written about. I'm just grumpy anyway. Entirely my own problem.

Got unreasonably grumpy on doing a google and being reminded that someone else also did a song-by-song book on the Monkees, after the first edition of mine came out.

Out of spoons after getting up too early in order to make dentist appointment, walking for 40 minutes in snow (not able to use stick much so back bad) and dentist appointment itself. Will be offline much of the day.

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Boost if you've followed someone whose gender wasn't mentioned in their bio, and then months later they happened to mention it and you'd had it wrong all along.

😳 😳 😳

The radar of all sorts. I has it not.

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A warning against generalisation:

I can't stand body odours, or most other strong smells for that matter. My authoritarian leanings? More or less uniformly "as far away from as possible".

This isn't the first time I've seen "trait X [which I have] is positively correlated with right wing views [which I *really* don't]". And while I don't doubt the correlation in general, I want to scream at people who go from correlation to generalisation to assumption. NOPE!

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Does it even need to be pointed out that these interview processes are grotesquely discriminatory? Or the let-them-eat-cake attitude of the fuckwit who, when challenged, suggests that introverts "should get IT jobs" - as though IT hadn't also been doing its best to dispose of all its introverts since the mid-90s, which is a good part of why the industry is full of loud, obnoxious techbros now?

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They say they're looking for extroverts. But what they won't say, and what the writer of this article seems to miss, is that they're also testing for happy compliance.

"The devils of truth steal the souls of the free"

As a result of checking the index for this book I'm now singing "Yester, Jerry, Yester, Jim" to the tune of "Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday".
What a glamorous exciting life I lead.

Indexing books is the most tedious part of writing when you self-pub, and the best argument there can be for switching to fiction,

All work[index entry "work"|see also {toil}] and no play[index entry "play"] makes Andrew[index entry "Hickey, Andrew"] a dull boy[index entry "masculinity"] All work[index entry "work"|see also {toil}] and no play[index entry "play"]

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"List of lists of things that do not appear on lists.

This list currently contains:
An undefinable quantity of items.

To update this list, click "edit" and then encapsulate mathematics on a consistent axiomatic basis. Then click "save".

(Hint: Start with Set Theory)"

You have to either have headers on one page and the section they relate to on the next, or have sodding great chunks of whitespace at the end of most pages.

Now on to the worst bit of creating a book which has many, many, small sections with headers -- the Whitespace Issue.

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There's currently a yellow snow warning in force over this bit of the UK.

Presumably the warning is "don't eat this"?

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