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"we love you ❀"

what it really means:

we love the money we make through you being stupid enough to use our services

If you want to help making Mastodon available in your language, joins us on :

here's a thing: you don't have put a browser in your app to make it . you can also use or for that 😎

Datenschutz-Bullshit-Bingo! Hatte ich gerade die Idee zu. 😜
Wenn ihr mal wieder von solchen Deppen genervt werden, einfach das hier rausholen und ausfΓΌllen. πŸ˜‚

btw, if you you have any questions, shoot πŸ˜€

targeting the means that the network is flourishing πŸ˜†

apparently now asks people from the several questions they need to answer until the 25th or they can't use FB any longer.

one of the questions being: "do you want to turn on facial recognition?"

if the user clicks no, FB warns the user that they will not be able to help them if someone else pretends that the user's photo is their own and again they ask if the user really wants to miss out on facial recognition...

"A Reddit, on a phone in a bathroom stall, accidentally flushes an entire company. Hackernews does not lend any credence to this story, because Google is flawless and would never deploy an automated system that accidentally fucks over an entire organization (except for the many, many times they do precisely that). ..."

"TLDR; Company uses Google accounts that are all connected. I fucked up and abused a policy that turns out results in a complete ban/block on the Google account, and ALL associated accounts. Everyone in my company is now blocked by Google and some of their personal e-mails are also blocked as well. Google isn't helping us out since their policy is final and will not share any information regarding the problem ..."

nice, eh? now migrate away from G πŸ˜†


let me kick you thrice
'cause you ain't playin' it nice

what I need is a handy tool to create videos from sound files (possibly with waveform). any suggestions? I was looking all over the internets: no luck

this because doesn't allow sound uploads and gargron is against it (see )

right now I'm using

Them: So, where to you wanna hang out?


the last person I'd hire for my company would be that guy. if I'd be on this story would surely make me . it's creepy how one can target specific people and then even see if the person you wanted to target clicked on the ad. just think what malicious people can do with this. welcome to FB the

what I noticed is this: when someone gets unfriendly in a reply it usually denotes an unfriendly person that seeks to vex others. so it's better not to engage in a discussion with these people at all.

after all I've read about Steve Jobs, he was a nasty guy and bullied the employees like shit. why do people idolize such persons?