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while and the certainly has given us many useful things the overall strategy has kind of failed. just look at for example. it all just doesn't gain enough traction to really make a difference. nobody uses the GNU OS. is there even any piece of recent GNU software that is filling more than just a niche?

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@steckerhalter Tbh gnuOS isn't in big dev because linux is here and good enough.

Is savannah that bad ?

@marsxyz it's probably not bad but who would want to use that compared to or even ?

@steckerhalter I just checked.

Lmao it's terrible seriously.

@marsxyz @steckerhalter I still keep a mirror of one of my projects, there. The main problem back then was that it was so hard to create new projects without sending mails and waiting for a while. The web design is old school and services are bare bones but at least you can be confident that they will still be around in a few years.

@steckerhalter FSF defines the operating system differently than most other people. They define it as the entire software stack running on your computer. All the way from the kernel to the text editor.

In that sense very few people run the GNU OS since that would imply running every singe part of their software offering, and nothing else.

Or, you can use rms definition where if you run any of the components you run their os and then everybody is doing that.

@loke I'm reminded of a german idiom, it's called "in Schönheit sterben" (to die in beauty) 😵

@steckerhalter @loke My 2 cents:

GNU libc, GNU find utils, GNU coreutils, GNU Bash, GNU screen, GNU Emacs. GNU Parallel. I could go on, but yes, it is still very useful.

It is also reliable and stable. GNU project has been around since '83. A *lot* of tech groups cannot make the same claim.

And as for Savannah, I would complain more if GNU *didn't* provide infrastructure for its devs. I work at a company that farms out infrastructure and it's annoying. GNU is providing the tools people need.

@klaatu @steckerhalter also, as much as people are pushing llvm these days, gcc is heavily used in most places.

@steckerhalter @loke

In Schönheit sterben.


and what does it mean ?

what's the metaphore ?

@catonano it's often used in football when a team plays really nice but is losing the match anyway. it means like the failure (death) could be avoided if the beauty or form would be less exaggerated @loke

@steckerhalter does the G in GNOME still stand for GNU?

@telent "GNOME was originally an acronym for GNU Network Object Model Environment, but the acronym was dropped because it no longer reflected the vision of the GNOME project"