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There's this article that basically says we damage our bodies because we don't in the west: My opinion: they're right.

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@steckerhalter When I started training jujutsu I discovered that sitting with your lower legs folded beneath you is actually a thing you can do. At least after trying to do it for a few weeks. These days I naturally end up squatting or resting on top of my lower legs rather frequently.

The Chinese Mainlanders and the Slavs were right all along!

@steckerhalter oddly, I read an article about that, then I got some training at the gym that night which was 3/4 oriented around hip hinging. Strange synchrony.

@steckerhalter @ninjawedding
My immediate feelings are "that's lovely dear. Come back to me in twenty years when your knees are gone." (not that squatting kills the knees, but that 20 years does.)
…which is probably unfair, but.

@shadowfirebird @steckerhalter twenty (or more) years of squatting shouldn't have any ill effect on your body unless the squat is performed poorly, which is unfortunately a common thing these days from e.g. people offering bad instruction

(in particular, I see a lot of teens and adults with their knees beyond their toes -- this does put a large strain on the knee, and *will* cause problems, but it's incorrect form)

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As I said, not the squatting but the years. Lots of older people have bad knees. Even at age 30 I would have done myself serious damage trying to rise from a squat (years of crawling around under desks as an IT op).
Did some judo before that, found squatting perfectly comfortable on the knees, a bit painful on the toes… but I think unless it's a lifelong habit, best avoided for older folk…

@shadowfirebird hmm, I think it's an individual thing? we've had success getting people in their 40s who were largely inactive to start training parkour

(we don't have them hitting the big stuff on day one, of course; it usually takes quite some time and slow progressions)

I'm certain there are cases where it would be inappropriate for us to encourage movement, at least not without medical supervision; however, at the same time, the human body's capacity to fix itself hasn't stopped surprising me yet

@shadowfirebird @ninjawedding from the article:

So should we replace sitting with squatting and say goodbye to our office chairs forever? Beach points out that “any posture held for too long causes problems” and there are studies to suggest that populations that spend excessive time in a deep squat (hours per day), do have a higher incidence of knee and osteoarthritis issues.

But for those of us who have largely abandoned squatting, Beach says, “you can’t really overdo this stuff.”

@steckerhalter @shadowfirebird @ninjawedding
The answer to "should we all…" is always no IMO.
Look, my knees lock out just from *sitting* for a while, never mind squatting or kneeling. I can't be the only one. Many older people struggle to get up from a *chair*, never mind the floor.
Should we encourage a society where we are all free to (eg) sit in a way that's comfortable to us, no matter how weird it looks to others? Hell yes.
But, that's not the same question.