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steckerhalter @steckerhalter

here, look, I'm saying it: is great and can die in a hole, so glad never having to touch that again.

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@thomas @steckerhalter “...and so began the great Mastodon flame war of 2018...”

@steckerhalter @thomas ...and here's me having ditched Ubuntu for Gentoo in an effort to go the other way (kind of. OpenRC, I guess), and FreeBSD on my main server for more, other reasons (mostly ZFS), but still.

I'm sure I could wrangle systemd into something better with some obscure config options or something, but I'm happy on the other side of the fence. Keep it the heck away from me and my systems. :p

@steckerhalter If #systemd works for you, then more power to you. I'm fine with BSD init. :)

@starbreaker I was just a bit sick of always seeing this bashing and wanted to counter it. Of course BSD is fine too :)