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you know, it doesn't matter if we use or or or etc. (are there more we can connect with?). the important thing is that we can communicate with each other. therefore we should rejoice over every additional server that springs into life, no matter what software it runs. whenever the media hypes something that is part of the , it's good for all of us. but maybe we need a new name for the whole thing? I feel like "fediverse" doesn't cut it.

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@hamishcampbell it's a good umbrella term, but I mean specifically for the ostatus/AP network

@steckerhalter good point, I call it the network not snappy, bit geeky, but it make it clear it's a "open industrial standards" network. Which for me is a important root to growing away from the and move to which is a useful way of describing most secsesfull open source software projects. Ideas for less geeky names :)

@hamishcampbell @steckerhalter "fediverse" is less geeky than "activitypub network". More people will know what a federation is in the political sense than know the name of a specific W3C protocol.

@bob @steckerhalter yep but "fedivers" has none of the "polatics" of thus is relatively defenceless from all the human problems that left us all so defenceless when the took over the 20 years ago. We don't won't the to go the same way and it likely will. Build strong opensources/openprocess in now to mediate this for a possibleity of a better outcome.

@bob @steckerhalter names become normal if you repeat them anufe is not a bad name and it's actually less getting inword looking/subculture than "fedivers" it's usefull to bring this stuff up.

@hamishcampbell @bob @hamishcampbell @bob hmm, I do believe that both fediverse and activerypub (not activitypub?) are not very good names. Thinking about it know I believe we don't just need a better name, but we also need some kind of council that represents the "fediverse". Members of the (mastodon, gnusocial, pleroma, diaspora etc.) take part, define a name and try to represent the network as a whole so we actually have a chance against the . What do you think?

@steckerhalter @bob not a bad idea but is an understatement on a outcome on this :) Still like as all sites that are not P2P or federated would slide into the after a while is my thought. That is we grow a understanding that the is horizontal - as it actually is/was but is not now.

@hamishcampbell if it can be done in the right spirit then it shouldn't be that bad, as @bob suggests, a bit like the council of Elrond :)

@steckerhalter @bob ok maybe give it a go, am setting up video interviews with the main developers of servers early may, maybe we could use that to kick the idea into motion? We could use a GitHub project to organise the "open" group on?

@hamishcampbell sounds like a good opportunity to get some feedback if they would like it or not. while I lke Github it's rather a silo as well, so maybe something else would be better @bob

@steckerhalter Why doesn't "fediverse" cut it?
It's the uni-/multi-verse of federated social networks. :)

@zatnosk in theory it's fine but I think people really have not much of a clue what "federated" means. that's why in every masto article they first say it's a federated network and then they go on and explain what federated means 😵

@steckerhalter @zatnosk this is largely because people don't really understand that they use federated standards all the time. as soon as you say email or SMS, people get it. it's a red herring to compare it to capitalist content silos like Twitter; masto/pleroma/etc are more like email than twitter.

@trwnh Most people also don't know how email works. All they know is that they have some address and they can write to some other address. Maybe that's where we need to start? @zatnosk

@steckerhalter @zatnosk You don't need to know how email *works* to understand that you can email anyone on any other service, or call/text any number from any other number despite their carrier.

@trwnh @zatnosk yes, and on the we could end up with the same thing, if only the focus would be a bit different

@steckerhalter it's like sex.  Every new generation of #fediverse users feels the need to reinvent it.
Is there an overview of what communicates with what, though? I probably get more confused than I need to be. Like: is #Diaspora still its own country?

@mjray probably not, that is one of the issues. everyone is just looking into their own network, but there's really no big picture, for example says "we have more than one million users" but the whole is much larger

@steckerhalter @mjray

there are mainly two protocols out there, the fediverse and the federation (the protocol originated by diaspora). The federation now regroups 5 different projects. Have a look at

For more info about all those distributed social network, read @deadsuperhero articles on

@fla thanks, that clears it up

the article of @deadsuperhero is dead for me since I (dns block) 😆


I don't #boycott #medium but it's a nuisance to keep weakening browser security until it displays

@steckerhalter @fla @mjray Yeah, I'm working on a fix for that; I just need to stop being lazy and go into sysadmin mode. 😛

@steckerhalter I agree. I've used this thing for a while now and I still want it to have a better name. I sometimes use Mastodon even when I know I'm actually talking about the fediverse.