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Thomas Steele-Maley

@Downes Autopsy of a Failed in OLDaily reminded me at once of Etienne WG work on Learning in Landscapes.... and perhaps even more so Zuboff's meaningful work in the domain -- In the Age of The Smart Machine (really all of her work)

@dajbelshaw @Downes , all -- looking for a list of or suggestions on Universities accepting different pathways for admissions (different from trad transcripts....)

Had reason to revisit the excellent work of Refugee Openware today -- incredible

Looking over projects like HAHAAcademy and phase two -- reaffirm for me that what we need to support is the development of educational ecologies that empower kids to freely learn, assess and accredit their knowledge.... Illich's learning webs

@mayel thank you for following -- HAHA Academy looks excellent at first glance -- have you heard of Learning Machine ? Their emphasis on working toward Self Sovereign identity on the Blockchain might support your phase four work....

Happy to be trying out, Mastadon -- Thank you to @dajbelshaw and more recently @Downes for piquing my interest