Follow @Downes , all -- looking for a list of or suggestions on Universities accepting different pathways for admissions (different from trad transcripts....)

@steelemaley @Downes I had one student who had a very odd entry method - in music the audition means a lot. He was so inspired to learn, had O Levels (like HS from a while back) and had served in the military in the war. But he wanted to sing. He had little formal musical training, but his determination... he was not young either.

We found out during the degree he *was* the model for the Action Man figures. He took up clarinet in the degree. Still plays & sings today.

@steelemaley Universities or degree programmes? Here in Norway grades are generally important but there are a few programmes — like ours — that don’t look at transcripts at all. @Downes @lauraritchie

@fgraver looking specifically (most interested in) secondary school to undergrad admissions -- is this true of your school? @lauraritchie @Downes

@steelemaley Our programme is undergrad — it’s a BFA in filmmaking — but most of our students do not come straight from secondary. The median age of our first year students is between 22 - 24. @Downes @lauraritchie

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