The tag looks thin here -- so if you have not read/recently re-read Tools of Conviviality or Deschooling Society or have never heard Illich speak on recording, I suggest David Tinapple's curated site:

I agree with much of Learning Machine's take on Public Blockchains as tools/systems/networks/praxis for increasing self sovereignty

*Finally* finished writing! I promised to share so here it is.

Funny how I'm more excited to share with people "out there" than to submit to my prof. (Should go without saying that your feedback means more). 😉​

Anyway, this is 1/2 in my "summer papers that must be written" collection. It is about the problems with big prizes (Global Learning XPRIZE), big ed tech and, well, just big.

Comments good, bad and ugly always welcome.

@Downes would like to see someone, perhaps Natalie Smolonski from Learning Machine and others working on self sovereign identity, Serge Ravet On open recognition and you, on the state of connnectivisim as theory and praxis (obviously the praxis of this offering is an update).....

@roseveleth @sava Shoshana Zuboff's new work "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power" is prescient in the domain and extensively researched -- may be of help....

@sava well good to see you here, if only when I find myself heading into the Mastadon current!

@sava hello! Our dear friend Charlie Loyd recently responded to me that the bird site is "weak sauce" and I loved the description..... I too though have not been here in awhile....wondering with you

@Downes what happened to CCK sites or am I missing something? Was referencing Connectivism and wanted to link to CCK11 and the link was no good. Have not checked wayback....if that would work....

@Downes Autopsy of a Failed in OLDaily reminded me at once of Etienne WG work on Learning in Landscapes.... and perhaps even more so Zuboff's meaningful work in the domain -- In the Age of The Smart Machine (really all of her work) @Downes looking for admissions to undergrad, but uni's working on new credentialing at all are good to look at!

@fgraver looking specifically (most interested in) secondary school to undergrad admissions -- is this true of your school? @lauraritchie @Downes @Downes , all -- looking for a list of or suggestions on Universities accepting different pathways for admissions (different from trad transcripts....)

Had reason to revisit the excellent work of Refugee Openware today -- incredible

Looking over projects like HAHAAcademy and phase two -- reaffirm for me that what we need to support is the development of educational ecologies that empower kids to freely learn, assess and accredit their knowledge.... Illich's learning webs

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