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Hey GNU/Linux #distro maintainers, it would be awesome if your homepages all had a standard page - something like www.distroX.org/partitions - describing the default partition scheme your latest release sets up and why. There are so many options; partition table types, numbers and types of partitions, file systems, encryption or not, LVM or not. So much contradictory information on the web about them all. Being able to read and compare what distro mainainers say about it would be really helpful.

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'On the General Architecture of the Peer Web' is an excellent essay by #AralBalkan of Ind.ie, laying out a brief history of the social impacts of computers and networks with a minimum of geek jargon, and some ideas for what the future of digital network technology could hold for us:

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@strypey I'd say that the web was decentralized until the web 2.0 period which began around 2004 (also the beginning of Ubuntu). After then it became increasinged centralized, with The Cloud and virtualization enabling an effective return to mainframe computing.

In the time 1994-2004 people used different email servers. There were personal websites and blogs typically hosted by the many small ISPs which started up. Although Microsoft and companies like Compuserve tried to apply the mainframe model in the mid 1990s they failed because the technology and infrastructure wasn't capable enough and they also over-curated their content making it bland compared to what existed on the "open web".

What is the most persistent question that you ask yourself when you're alone with your thoughts?

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In meditation, and life really, the feeling that you can't bear a moment of sensation whether it's itching or pain or some other unpleasant feeling is never quite true, because in that moment you've already bourne it. What's really happening is that you're afraid of the next moment, and it is possible to find true equanimity in the midst of even very unpleasant sensations. -Sam Harris #meditation #contemplation #theliturgists

I am still here. I have taken up meditating. Waking Up app. One week of practice behind me. More to come.

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PSA: Naturalnews.com is a very bad, Fash-adjacent peddler of dangerous pseudoscience and garbage medical advice.

0/0, Do not recommend.

(They sometimes come up as a top result when searching medical/diet things, which is why I bring this up.)

#naturalnews #pseudoscience

Trump, Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer, et al are not our enemies. They are only the conduit through which our enemies flow to us. Our enemies are ourselves. Conquer yourself.

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When you find a new reaction image but don't know what to use it for

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Hello folks! First day on and trying to figure out how this works compared to other socials. I'll get the hang of it eventually hehe. Thanks to @dasgeek for introducing me to to this via his youtube channel. Have a great day folks!

Toots galore: not so much.

How about this?

-Current activity-

Devices: Lenovo T420 w/Pop!_OS
Pixels Phone

Reading: Red Moon by Kim Stanley Robinson

Listening Habits: Waking Up with Sam Harris podcast (#135 Navigating Sex and Gender), Delete This podcast (#4 Who Viples The Piples?), The Daily podcast

Work: Uber/Lyft

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aliens: holy fucking shit
humans: I know, first contact right?
aliens: no you dipshits we're talking about whales
humans: ooh yeah, whales are pretty cool
aliens: literally the most amazing thing in the entire galaxy
humans: did you know you can boil them down into lamp oil?

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"404 Page Not Found" by @mcmansionhell thebaffler.com/salvos/404-page

I don't know how to express how much I love this article. I'm glad someone is documenting the history of the internet from more than just the perspective of those who did or didn't make a billion dollars.

Car key fob lock button: Push it once, it locks your car. Push it twice, it honks your horn. Don't push it twice, unless you lost your car at Best Buy, or Costco, or Wholefoods, or Macy's, or in front of the bar, etc.

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5G is being aggressively marketed in policy circles because it provides a useful distraction from the fundamental fact that the United States market is missing out on fiber's affordable prices and extraordinary advancements.

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@lynnesbian I cannot tell you how many times I have googled how to do something and the first result is a stack overflow page where the only response is to google how to do it.

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Next time you want to say things like "hackers broke into this system" or "hackers stole credit card numbers", please replace the word "hacker" with "cyber criminal".

Let's stop exacerbating the mainstream media's misunderstanding of the word "hacker".

In my last presentation, I almost wrote the sentence "Centralized systems are honeypots for hackers" and then replaced "hackers" with "cyber criminals".

#hacker #hacking #CyberCrime

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🎉 New Year’s resolution: Become less dependent on services like Dropbox, Twitter, Google, etc. Use open, decentralised and/or self-hosted alternatives instead. First stop: #FEDIVERSE! Find me on 🐘 Mastodon: @sjockers vis.social/@sjockers

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“I wanted to bring these projects to the community, so people can see renewable energy working in their community,” he says. “Communities want to rebuild themselves and not rely on some big municipal contract.”

The democratising potential of energetic self-determination is stellar.


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