Trump, Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer, et al are not our enemies. They are only the conduit through which our enemies flow to us. Our enemies are ourselves. Conquer yourself.

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@steeperthandeep what about tabacco & fossil fuel lobbyists, people lobbied for making "thinkable" nuclear weapons. "It's just an act" Alex Jones, intentionally pushing insane shit.

And that's just the commercial guys we got both crypto and open nazis, too!

@jasper ... those are all horrible aspects of the world we all participate in. It takes all of us as individuals working together to fight that shit. But focusing on the clowns in the clown car, complaining and berating them for having the same kinds of petty weaknesses we all have sucks up too much energy.

I'm speaking generally, of course. Details matter.

No religious solution here. We save ourselves by gathering information and assessing it without regard to our own prejudices and hate.

@steeperthandeep well, i disagree, there need to be some consequences for actions. People need to be dragged to the courts.

@jasper ... looking forward to learning from this information.

@jasper ... I won't pretend to be a constant reader of Greenwald or The Intercept. What I have read has raised concerns that his reporting is biased and reveals an extreme anti-western mind-set. I might be wrong.

You responded, originally, to my post that alluded, however inexpertly, to the value of self-examination preceding outward criticism.

In that light, here's an exchange you might be interested in:

@steeperthandeep odd you link a page of Sam Harris defending himself against Greenwald alledging he's effectively promoting Islamophia, as evidence for Greenwalds "anti western mind set".

The link i somewhat spontaniously threw in mentions MSNBC uncritically running many Bush-Cheney officials, FBI, and CIA people, Democrats teaming up with neocons,(before Trump) and Rachel Maddow calling herself a "national security liberal".

If those things are true, the conclusions are rather easy to draw.

@steeperthandeep actually about Sam Harris, .. is often good.

It is definitely not like the crimes of governments our establishment does not like need more covering. That's why they focus on the crimes of our side. He's not their lackey.

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