Bird site is like "Never forget we are garbage"

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@stefanhayden Inciting terrorism against victims and their families isn't healthy conversation, the bloody Jackass. ><

@stefanhayden it is a two-edged sword.

On the one hand, you want to be able to preserve freedom of speech (as illustrated by the 1st Amdt in the US) even for your enemies.

On the other hand, you might consider that some things ought not to be promoted (like hate, Holocaust denial, antisemitism) like some other countries do (like France).

But the real question is, do you want a *private* company to decide this?

This is the question and the answer IMHO should be no.

cc @mwlucas

@Keltounet 1st amendment only apply to the government. So private companies are supposed to decide that. and then we decide what companies live or based on those decisions.

@Keltounet not letting companies decide what counts as valid speech on their platform sounds anti capitalist to me.

@Keltounet company must build places people want to be. places with no nazis. thinking they should not have the right to do that means you want government controlled companies.

@Keltounet @stefanhayden Some private companies have decided against allowing (what I'll call for shorthand purposes) Nazis.

Others have decided to allow Nazis.

The reason I started a private company for my publishing is that I wanted to decide what speech I would support. TWP doesn't, and never will, publish Nazis.

Free speech doesn't mean I need to spend my private resources supporting that speech.

Nazis are welcome to build their own Internet platforms. They have done so.

@Keltounet @stefanhayden If, say, Facebook was a public utility, then I'd have a very different answer.

If Facebook was a public utility, I wouldn't ever log into it.

@Keltounet @stefanhayden @mwlucas " you want a *private* company to decide this?"

They already do. They promote some speech and lose others. Just ask magazines.

They already censor sexual topics.

Why do the nazis get a pass?

@stefanhayden Iโ€™m tired of Jack saying he was poor at communicating decisions in the past, every single time, as if he isnโ€™t still poor at communicating decisions. Not that it matters. Heโ€™s a Nazi sympathiser!

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