SatisPress is a WordPress plugin that you install and it will create a Composer repository where it will host all other plug-ins that you have installed. Just set your plug-in to auto-update and it will create a new versions of plug-ins for you to download. In theory a great way to share your premium plug-ins.

Build my first React app last month right before they introduced hooks. I'm just aching to rewrite it and use hooks, but think I'll wait until I write another app.

Hooks look great though! Saw some people complaining that they are to magical, but they don't seem so magical to me.

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Finally finished the second book of the Mars Trilogy and thereby finishing the series. Yeah, I accidentally read the 3rd part before the 2nd.

In my defense it seems more logical that you first get a blue Mars before you get a green one.

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If you’re feeling down because you made a wrong decision, always remember that it can never be as bad as Nintendo licensing Zelda for the CD-i.

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Just heard a good acquaintance & fellow Free Software / privacy activist of mine has gone missing.

If you're based in near any help is appreciated in finding him. Contact if you know something or are able to help.


//cc @bjorn

Started running again two months ago thanks to the encouragement of my good friend Bram Willemse and today I ran 27,5km on a fast day and even broke some personal records. On October 7th I'll be running the Devil's Trail (36km):

What's the best online service to make a backup of your personal photos and movies?

The gameplay trailer of Cyberpunk 2077 that was released this week:

Looking forward to upgrade my PC once it hits so I'll be able to play it.


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