SatisPress is a WordPress plugin that you install and it will create a Composer repository where it will host all other plug-ins that you have installed. Just set your plug-in to auto-update and it will create a new versions of plug-ins for you to download. In theory a great way to share your premium plug-ins.

@danny Oh for sure, but we'll be mostly woofing and work awaying and will be staying at other peoples' houses that have young kids as well. We'll specifically look for them. The same thing that Canadian family was doing when they visited us.

It will be something totally different than the millennial digital nomad lifestyle thing that we did before.

@danny They inspired us with their story to spend a lot of time with their kinds in the biggest development phase of their lives. We still have our campervan ( and are thinking about going for a long trip as well in about 2 years.

@danny We are hosting people from Work Away ( to help us with work on our property and had a Canadian family last year who were traveling with their 2 kids (age 3 & 5).

They rented out their house in Quebec, quit their jobs, and were planning to be on the road for almost a year.

@danny We also have 2 water sources on our land—so the neighbors tell us— which we want to drill so we have wells. A lot of wells in this region have drinkable water.

We want to install solar panels, but don't like the look on our roof. So maybe we'll place them on top of the garage, once we have one, or maybe we get the Solarcity rooftiles, once they're cheaper.

@danny We're connected to water and electricity, but we're looking into storing water in our current oil reservoir—it keeps 3000 liters.

We'd like to use it to water the vegetable garden, flush toilets, shower and probably everything except drinking it. We had 2 really dry summers where we got told not to use water for watering your garden, so we're looking into being more self-sufficient.

Our house is livable right now, but we're making some big improvements at the moment--double glazed windows, wood-boiler stove instead of oil-boiler.

Did some major work in the garden last year and rented out our yurt on AirBnB. Hope to add some other rental units in the coming years.

Fontainebleau is 2 hours away and the French Alps 3 1/2 hours. Looking forward to go to Fontainebleau with the climbing gym I'm a member of this year.

@danny Didn't think you'd remember me, but yeah, moved here something like 4 years ago and became tax-paying French citizens.

Enjoying the French leerplicht here as well, although you're allowed to homeschool your kids if you'd prefer. Something we're not doing because we'd like the kids to pick up the French language. Kids have Dutch nationality and passports, but they can become French when they turn 15.

@danny What's up Danny? I moved to France 4 years ago. Bought an old farm and am fixing it up. Father or 2 toddlers as well. Doing freelance front-end development whenever we need some money. I run ultra trail races and and I'm climbing as well. Hope to climb a 6C outside this year.

Build my first React app last month right before they introduced hooks. I'm just aching to rewrite it and use hooks, but think I'll wait until I write another app.

Hooks look great though! Saw some people complaining that they are to magical, but they don't seem so magical to me.

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Finally finished the second book of the Mars Trilogy and thereby finishing the series. Yeah, I accidentally read the 3rd part before the 2nd.

In my defense it seems more logical that you first get a blue Mars before you get a green one.

@frank Ja, ik denk het wel. Vooral voordat hij begint met rappen en hij gewoon iets zegt. Daarnaast beweren veel mensen in de comments het ook. Vergelijk het maar eens met het nummer van de plaat.

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If you’re feeling down because you made a wrong decision, always remember that it can never be as bad as Nintendo licensing Zelda for the CD-i. You'll probably enjoy the Mars trilogy in you like SF.

Haruki Murakami is one of my favorite writers and his books are smart and rather optimistic. I started with Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World, and it's still my favorite, but The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle is probably regarded as his best work.

I also found Doppler by Norwegian writer Erlend Loe amazingly funny. Don't know if it has been translated to English.

@thomasfuchs I loved Bruce Lee for the Commodore 64 as a child. Also have fond memories playing International Karate Plus (IK+) with my brother.

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