This came up in Google Photos as a "on this day" picture. I had to go hunting to see what the heck this was.

This is my first time missing in years. Hopefully I can be back again in 2022. I really miss it.

I think that one of my @madebygoogle Nest Hubs is struggling a little.

I was hoping that the Sprecher Oasis would be open. I could use a good root beer, right now.

I had a pretty good first day at @Bader_Rutter and now a solid 19 mile ride in on the interurban. Time for dinner!

I need to set my alarm clock for 30 minutes earlier, tomorrow morning. With tomorrow being my first day at the new job, I definitely do not want to be late.

That sun sure is nasty, today. I could use a little bit more shade on this trail.

Would that mean that ORD 11.02.1201 covers fecal matters in law? 🤣

I think that this is a pretty decent sign that I found my intended destination?

Last week, I drove the bike up to Mequon and rode from Mequon to Grafton before I generally lost the trail. Today, I drove up to Grafton and I am going to attempt at least Port Washington.

Some of those off-trail sections in Grafton seem super dangerous to bike.

In order to use up the last of my FSA money before switching jobs, I bought an electronic blood pressure cuff, a pulse oximeter, and a personal EKG machine. I'm not sure what I need with all of that but I'll definitely have a heck of a lot of metrics available?

Yesterday was my last day and I neglected to take myself off of the @uwmgradschool and @uwmresearch websites before I left.

Yesterday's going away party was nice. I'm looking forward to trying the red currant cordial that @DonnaGenzmer brought me. :)

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