Holy crap!

“Alioto died just over two weeks after he was knocked to the ground during a brief struggle outside Serb Hall at a ”Defend Your Vote“ rally held by supporters of President Donald Trump.”


I kind of wish we could get five or six of these, here in Wisconsin. 🤤


I picked up some smoked Icelandic char at the smokehouse while I was out doing errands. I don't think I've ever had char before. t.co/488moFI3O6 t.co/gTRVLDNyPr

It's relatively warm out here, today. I'm taking this as a solid opportunity to take both dogs for a very long walk. t.co/1QtOs1gcXd t.co/p6aqPRtfsf

I hope that the covidiot car is fully sealed off from the rest of the train. t.co/wIIGXX2Xc6

I took the next week off but I don't really have anywhere to go or anything to do, so I am drinking tea and watching YouTube videos about tanks.

I might need to pick a project to do.

Sometimes the oakleaf trail goes through areas that looks like they are out of half life 2. t.co/6N02vb8tqC t.co/AdycknEX6Q

I think that I left two of my umbrellas in the office (in March) and I'm thinking about popping in to grab them.

How has @twitter failed to at least flag the first tweet in this thread as a blatant lie, yet?

Also, it goes without saying but nobody involved with this unhinged PR stunt (with no chance of success) should be allowed to remain in public office. t.co/KYI3hUA07I

The Sacklers need to be in prison.

"It projected that in 2019, for example, 2,484 CVS customers would either have an overdose or develop an opioid use disorder. A rebate of $14,810 per “event” meant that Purdue would pay CVS $36.8 million that year."


is replacing 1 echo, 4 echo dots, 4 google minis, and 1 weird 3rd party google home device with 1 google home max, 2 google homes, and 1 nest hub.

Even with the google homes not working with g-suite, they are still just better.

I need to drop a lot of things off at good will.

... and for the 24th and final flavor, "Nuts and Cranberries"? That's going to be interesting. t.co/kLvnhTyxqV

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