Cue the "thoughts and prayers" crowd in 3, 2, ...

This country is fucking broken

I worked through lunch to make sure that this website was ready for a 3:00 demo today. I think that I deserve a walk up to the Dairy Queen.

The temperature in Wisconsin might be stuck at 50° but all of the flowering trees are still doing their thing.

The dog wakes me up at 3:00 a.m. and she almost immediately went back to sleep but here I am 40 minutes later, unable to get back to sleep myself.

The scouts brought these by yesterday. I need to get them planted at ASAP but with the temperatures turning cold, I'm a little worried about them dying even in the ground.

I must have heard at least eight commercials for a report written by Deloitte, during one of the podcasts that I listen to everyday.

Those folks seem really intent on me reading their report.

😒 I have five meetings today and the 5th meeting is a review of the work that I would have done if I wasn't in the other 4.

Damn it.

I walked Cito up to Old Heidelberg Park, hoping that they would be open by now. Nope! 😢

The back-up camera on the truck died recently, so I brought it back to @bestbuy to get it fixed. Once I am done with that, I am hoping that it will be good to go for another year? 🤨

I'm spending too much on this thing.

I have a conference scheduled in July and a trip to India and Nepal scheduled in September. I can't be getting covid again. My ass needs to get pretty strategic, this summer about what I am and am not going to attend.

For this week's round of photos from the Italy trip, I figured that we would check out the Scala Sancta.

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