That's messed up

"Barry told authorities he cast his wife’s vote 'just because I wanted Trump to win,' according to the affidavit."

I had planned on using the pickup truck to visit as many state parks as possible during the Memorial Day week. I've looked at Enterprise, Turo, and Zip Car as possible options to replace it. It just dawned on me that I could just swap cars with my parents.

.@turo You need to add a filter for if the car has a state park sticker.

With the truck being proper dead, I’m probably stuck with just ol’ sparky for a while. I’m tempted to assemble a wishlist and keep an eye out, though.

I’m thinking 4wd, 6ft bed, tow bar, and a 6 cylinder engine? I might need to wait for prices to get less crazy.

... Tonight is Tokyo Drift and I am really looking forward to it.

The local theater chain announced a few weeks ago that they are showing all 8 fast and furious movies for free (in order) over 8 weeks. The first one was over 2 weeks after my second shot so all the fast and furious movies became my first movie in the theater in 14 months. ...

I think that I am one step closer to being able to turn on my solar panels? A @we_energies truck just rolled up and installed a second meter.

is having a bowl of Erdnuss Flips while writing code.

... Yeah, I have no idea what they are either.

.@Allstate is starting to annoy me a little. It's been almost 2 weeks since the tree branch fell on my windshield and the body shop is still waiting on them to approve the estimate.

I think that I just realized that I didn't eat supper last night.

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