Is Pierre Delecto Romney’s porn star name or something?

I took my first bike ride since getting the bike back.

... This is new.

:) Apparently, one of the top searches on my website is “rivets bind example”. I stopped using rivets when I left QM for UWM.

I’m glad that it is still helping someone, though.

This is exactly what America needs right now (and why I backed @BernieSanders in 2016). If we are going to get beyond the forces of evil and division, we need to start thinking about our fellow man.

That said, I still think that I prefer @ewarren over Bernie, this time around.

I would be in favor of the cameras as long as they only get the really crazy drivers. I regularly get passed on Silver Spring by drivers going 40 mph above the speed limit. Milwaukee definitely needs to do something about that.

11 days until I am scheduled to be in Barcelona. Hopefully things calm down there before then?

... Hopefully?

I’m current on @nbcthegoodplacece again, now. Tomorrow, I can catch up on the podcast.

I saw @Zombieland, last night. I will be buying that. I liked it a lot.

The apparent reason why I was having a hell of a time getting home, last night:

.@larry_kudlow I hear that if you throw a staffer in the lake and they float, they are controlled by the "deep state". 😏

Every gun that I have ever bought included a free trigger lock. Between that and the fact that @GlendaleWiPD also has free locks, there is no excuse for not keeping your stuff locked up in Glendale.

Tonight at dinner, the waiter chimed into our conversation to say “You can come up with facts to prove anything. You can’t trust the media.” and then told me not leave him a coupon to great clips for a tip. Waukesha is a really weird place. 😂

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