I drove by the @bostonmarket on my way home, yesterday. @NorthShoreFire had a huge presence there.


My area mall (@bayshoretc) is definitely going to feel this one.


Anybody have a recommendation for food tours in Tangier? I'm not seeing a large number of options during the window where I am there.

Does Dodge County have a lot horse rape or is this a personal crusade? 🤔 t.co/rkiH3tTRC7

I just witnessed one ballet dancer carry another into the restroom piggyback, while emphatically saying multiple times "this is a bonding exercise." t.co/r4WrmHAlyb

😢 The @burgerking at @UWMUnion ran of @ImpossibleFoods Whoppers. I was looking forward to getting one for lunch, today.

I don't know if I should try to bike to work today or not. 🤔 t.co/ROGjDAcYnS

is keeping an eye on the Dark Sky app. I don't wish to bike home in the rain. t.co/KsO6yVRico

I kinda want one of these but I bet they would be as licensable as the Mahindra Roxor, here. t.co/c0hq6pAczk

My new favorite phrase: “A trumpist in a teapot”

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