I was wondering what that disturbing sounds was (under the constant sound of barking). I thought, maybe it was something going wrong in the basement? Nope, it was just an elderly neighbor breaking up his bedroom furniture with a 20lb sledge hammer, 10ft from my house.

This is a quick post exploring how to make the radio control unclickable.


The one and only pumpkin beer that I found at the local alcohol mega-store t.co/ForGImfJuJ

... I want to make sure that the refund happens correctly.

Impeached president dipshit is as dangerous as he is because his followers listen to him. These are the people who will willfully go out and spread the virus because a giant orange man-child told them that the virus isn’t real. t.co/KEgGbY8bby

... It’s part of the reason why I try to give feedback wherever and whenever possible.

The best I can think of is “thank you”. I don’t get much if any feedback at work. 😒 t.co/FbVofRtU1y

Hmm. I was out in the yard with the dog when a little plane flew a few hundred feet over me with a "vote early" banner trailing behind it. I've never seen that before.

:( With @evgonetwork decommissioning
this charger, it’s not practical to drive my e-golf between Milwaukee and Madison anymore. That’s a bummer. t.co/C32TigwRBq

At the time, I was making $30k with no benefits or PTO, working my first coding job.

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