This is what the assembly is spending their time on? Do they not know that the pandemic is a thing?

I opened Photo Booth on the iMac in my office, out of curiosity. I don’t know what I was expecting. Cobwebs? Smoke? Wild life?

The "15 Total Loss" on this repair estimate doesn't fill me a lot of hope but until the insurance company gets back to me, there is at least a little hope?

That would suck if a tree branch falling on my windshield cost me my truck. 🤨

After I got home and plugged in the car earlier, some random dude who is hanging out on the street asked me if the charger was connected to my house. I’m not sure what else it would’ve been connected to. ;)

I need to do a bit of googling to see if I can figure out if I can get the power steering working again. After driving it a few miles, I feel like it's going to be a necessity.

(Note: This isn't my car. I'm just storing it until the truck returns to me.)

4 years and ~2600 miles later, I am starting to contemplate buying a second battery for my @RadPowerBikes Rad City. It's fine for shorter trips but I'm starting to see a bit of battery degradation in the extreme trips.

I stopped by a dealership on my bike ride, today. Previously, I had seen a Chevy Bolt on the lot with $14k on the windshield. I rode my bike up to it and looked at the sticker on the side window. It says $47k. I ask why the discrepancy and was told that it's $14k off of the $47k.

I found out today that the likelihood that I am getting my big orange truck back isn't great. I'm not sure what to do with that.

Hopefully the @we_energies truck parked outside of my kitchen window is a positive sign

I really wish that the @GOP didn’t make ignoring basic science a core part of their collective identity. They are going to end up killing a lot of people.

It is very admirable that this @kickstarter maker is still trying to ship something but I would rather that they not take out a second mortgage or something in order to get me the USB charger that I paid for, a few years ago. 🥺

... Last year, I used almost no vacation at all and it was super emotionally taxing. This year (among other things) I am dedicating an entire week to driving around Wisconsin and checking out Wisconsin state parks that I hadn’t been to, yet. It’s nice having the truck for that.

... I am kind of glad that @UWM offers a lot of PTO. Between 2 weeks in India and 2 weeks in the north woods for the family vacation, that wouldn’t work for most people. I’m still working on using up the last of the carry-over vacation from 2019 that would otherwise expire. ...

I’m still working on trying to do an October trip to India. I know that they aren’t doing great right now but I had a large credit from last year’s failed trip to India and Nepal and it would have just expired if I didn’t give it a second attempt. ...

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