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Mine was a 1br for $625 $25 for having a cat. When I left a year later, they jacked the price up $175 because it was rent controlled (something that I didn’t know when I signed the lease).

Apparently Osa just will not stop barking through this meeting.

… It’s turning out to be pretty nice. The problem is that it tries to get me to walk 100 steps every hour and while I like that, I don’t live in a big enough house for that. Walk around the block every hour? Walk down the driveway? Pace around my coffee table 20 times? 🤷🏼‍♂️

I bought a new smart watch recently (justifying the cost because I am waiting for the $500 pixel phone instead of the $700 pixel phone). After swapping out the band for one with Velcro …

It fits.

“Prosecutors accuse him of secretly arranging to be paid a bounty of more than $80 million to end a U.S. investigation into a multibillion dollar embezzlement of a Malaysian state investment fund.”

Ever get the feeling that you are little more than a living heating blanket to your cat?

I have no idea why but there was apparently a bee in my shoe. I don’t know if it’s better or worse that they stuck my hand instead of my foot.

Does last night’s sleep make up for all of the shitty sleep that I got last week?

What are the extradition rules between the US and Russia or Saudi Arabia? It might be less leaving the country and more fleeing the country.

Looks like fun. I do wonder about what happens if you are in the front of the crowd and need to head to the bathroom, though?

Watching the @JoeBiden town hall, I'm feeling like he is definitely a flawed candidate but he is sooooooo much better than the dipshit.

The dog keeps beating on the front door but when I take her outside, she just eats grass. 😩

I haven’t had a haircut since March. I am trying to decide if I should get a home haircut kit or some sort of styling product.

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