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You are home. You don't need to write code. If you have an itch, go ahead and scratch it but don't feel like you need to. That's going to cause burnout.

I aim for 6hrs of after-hours coding per week. If more or less happen, so be it.

Anybody happen to know what this is? I think that it might be literal grilled cheese. Whatever it is, it was very hot, tasty, and filling.

I am not sure how many dirhams to leave for a handful of toilet paper at a restaurant toilet. :/

It's 5:43am and I can already hear the rooster going off. Too early, Tangier. Too early.

I know someone who literally thinks that questioning @realdonaldtrump’s actions is against the will of God. Some people just can’t be persuaded by facts.

The workmen on the right are there because a building fell in yesterday, killing a dude.

I woke up to the sound of sea gulls and roosters, this morning.

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