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I'm going to miss this mall. Just a few years ago, I was spending an hour per day here.

(I stopped mall walking here when I left QM and stopped working out of a small room in my house.)

I would love to see @cityofmilwaukee
ban something more consequential like single use plastic bags but plastic straws are easy enough to replace, so sure. 🤷‍♂️

Hey @GlendaleBryan, when can we see something like this in @GlendaleWI?

I know that the last vendor in the Bayshore Mall’s food court closes today. I’m tempted to go give it a visit since that probably means that it will be closed off soon for demolition.

It seems simpler to just keep a good daily carry lock pick set?

Turkey and stuffing en croute

Letting it cool and then it's time for a little late lunch.

Real Boomer quote: "How would I Google that? I'll call ready reference when they open tomorrow."

From inside of Sacré-Cœur, last month

When I was in Paris in 2002, I made it to the base of the hill but not to the actual Basilica. I was kind of happy that I made it inside, this time.

UWM has a few "very 60s" buildings but this is the most "60s" one of them all

Agent Orange is clearly mentally ill. I'm guessing that he genuinely thinks that he ran against Obama in 2016.

I was looking at the taking @Amtrak from Milwaukee to @ThatConference, next summer. You can get there just fine but the timing for the return trip isn’t great.

I wish they had a more regular service.

is waiting for desktop support to come back and give me back the ability to run Docker on my work machine.

Sooo, he's just sitting around his compound, plotting the overthrow of @PapaJohns and pounding pizzas? 40 pizzas in the past 30 days?!?

Dude just doesn't look right.

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